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Thread: Your Dog/s and the Dogs on Tv/movies...

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    Default Your Dog/s and the Dogs on Tv/movies...

    How do your dog/s react when there is a dog barking on the tv/movie?

    The kids are watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Candy comes bolting inside barking at the front door (one of the speakers is near the front door)...then Falcon follows everytime a dog barks on the movie...LOL...Falcon's never cared before, but now he's 'in' with Candy!!

    It makes me wonder......what the dogs on TV/movies are actually saying and what our dogs are understanding? LOL

    It's funny to watch a recording of your dogs on the tv too...and see how they react to the family's voices, their names being called and their own barking..hehe

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    Oh lordy yes!

    Lops mum Evey would park herself on the end of our bed and constantly watch tv , didn't matter if it was animals or not , she just seemed to lurve the telly
    Will see if I can hunt down a pic of her , I know I had a few.

    And Lop will only react if it's like yours and there is a dog barking on the tv , then she gets all concerned and cannot work it out

    And I have been waiting to see that movie! Is it good as the trailer makes it seem ?
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    LOL, we plugged the camcorder into the telly the other day to watch a few of our vids on the big screen, there was one of Leo and my OH playing ball and it was so funny to see Leo! He kept looking at it all confused, head tilted this way and that, like i rememeber that, but huh!?

    He doesnt really bark at the telly anymore though if dogs are on, i always tell him shh its just the telly as i point at it so he puts his head up sometimes and looks at the telly but doesnt really bother anymore than that now

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    I love dogs that sit there and watch tv... Specially when they tilt their head and get all curious...tooo cute!

    Choppa, I haven't watched the movie myself yet..I know there is lots of barking in it though..LOL
    I might lay down and watch it today..IF the kids let me lol

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