Hi everyone,

I am producing a 15 minute short film shooting towards the end of August and I am looking for a well trained/behaved small dog (preferably a chihuahua) to play the titular character! Here are some more details:

TITLE: Colin The Dog's Fabulous Midnight Adventure and Another Story
GENRE: Short drama
DURATION: 15 minutes
SHOOT DATES: August 19th - 23rd (5 day shoot)

Middle-aged Giles wakes in the night, and realises his wife’s chihuahua Colin has taken off. Half asleep, he reluctantly heads off into the wintery evening to find the cheeky mutt. As Giles wanders the streets, the search for the missing chihuahua becomes a search for himself, as flashes of memories from his failing marriage come home to roost.

Colin the Dog’s Fabulous Midnight Adventure… and Another Story is a poignant dramedy about lost dreams, the petty foibles of married life and the painful acceptance of things that don’t turn out as planned.


Your dog would be acting alongside Bob Baines (Home & Away, All Saints) & Diane Smith (A Country Practice, The Great Outdoors). The script is fantastic and we believe the film will be perform well on the international film festival circuit.

If you have a little dog who you think would be perfect for this and if you think this would be fun to be involved in (and I promise you it will be fun!) please do let me know! Unfortunately being a short film, I cannot offer any significant payment - just a small token fee of gratitude. The dog would be required for approximately 4 partial days of filming. We will be shooting around inner Sydney and east Sydney.

We will have a professional stills photographer on set and we'll make sure we get some great shots of your dog in its big starring moment!

Email me at: jiao@sodapopthesis.com or call me on 0411 467 908

Best regards,
Jiao Chen