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Thread: Do You Let Them Bark???

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    Default Do You Let Them Bark???

    Poppy has found her "voice" in the past month or so. She ONLY barks when she has something to bark at. Or a reason to bark.

    She will give a short bark if someone comes to the door unexpectedly but then get all excited as we go to answer it.

    At night she will have a bark outside at what I think is a cat (I saw it one morning when taking her out for a wee!).

    This arvo she started barking at the noisy motorbike that was driving around our streets (a dirt bike that isn't supposed to be on the road but don't get me started on that one! Haha!).

    We usually say her name then "shhh" if she carries on a bit. I wouldnt say that her barking is excessive but I don't want the neighbours to think of her as a noisy dog (because we do have a yapper or 3 in our neighbourhood).

    So, am I doing the right thing? Should I be letting her bark it out (she has never barked for longer than 3 mins) or is "shooshing" her okay?


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    As long as its not incessant I can see nothing wrong with it.

    I like the idea of three barks and then quiet, I always let them bark three times then call them, I'd give them a treat or a pat.

    I've found unless it's something serious they will normally just bark three or four times then come looking for me for their reward. The whippets r not barker but the setter certainly is and this has worked well for her.

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    I don't know what the 'right' thing to do is, but what I do when Leo starts his barking - at men walking on the streets late,a cat,strange car,someone at door etc - I let him bark for a moment and then let him know I am aware of whatever it is and I will handle it now calmy. If he persists or tries to step it up a notch (he is getting to that age now) he has to be distraced by being made to sit sometimes requires a light pinch on the butt so he does sit aswell.

    Similar advice has been given before on here which is where I got it from.

    I want leo to feel he is doing the right thing for letting us know something isn't right but don't want him to think he has to be the one to fix it.

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    Hi i think your doing the right thing. When Charlie barks, ie passerby cat etc. I always go look to see what he's barked at and like you say his name and Shush. He normally stops immediately, if he doesn't i say in the house and off he goes inside.

    We travel and live in caravan parks and noisy dogs are really frowned on. If we're having a ball game outside or in the park he barks as much as he likes, everytime he chases after it. Dogs have to be allowed to bark, their way of talking, but should stop when told.

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    Yes I let my dogs bark, growl or whatever voices they need to use They're dogs and not letting them bark would be like not letting another person speak. I did however taught them when to stop. Sometimes if we play and it's late they know they can't be loud so they just make mumbling growling noises.
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    Yes my dogs bark as well but I do hope they will stop barking on commands or I can easily distract them when i need to do day. The only problem is that dogs barking at people are regarded as aggressive and all people behaved differently towards barking dogs. I often experienced people putting themselves in danger such as traffic to avoid my barking mini schnauzer....sigh.....

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    Im still waiting to hear Lex's big bark.. ive only heard little woofs here and there..

    He never barks!! haha
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    I don't go mad at mine ONLY when there is a noise at the front door or if they hear a car in the driveway. I actually like the fact they warn me someone is coming.

    If they run out in the backyard to bark at the dog next door they get in trouble.
    If they bark at nothing, they get in trouble.
    If they bark for attention, they get in trouble.

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    I have one that only barks when there is something to bark at - so when he barks i pay attention and sus out what is going on, Kaos chatters all day long, i can handle her talking, but she knows she cant bark.

    Saying that, we have been driving everyone mad with fire training, I am teaching her that when the smoke alarm goes off, she is to carry on and bark and do zoomies. Neighbour came over to see what the fuss was the other night, when i explained she said it was a fantastic idea lol
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    I wished mine barked when someone came here. I have to rely on the cockatiels to let me know someone is coming up the long driveway. They are great guard birds.

    The pups will, however, bark at night sometimes in their pen, a marauding roo or fox is my guess. As they only disturb us we don't worry too much. The barking has lessened a lot since they are not in their smaller pen but now in the huge one and probably in the shed on the lounge chairs that cut out their vision of stuff happening outside.

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