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    Well we are getting a new pup. It's a working dog.. Pick her up in 2 weeks.
    Now the problem is we don't know that how boss is react to it. At the moment he isn't doing well with another dogs. We tried to get a pre trained one but boss just wanted to eat him but the dog's spirit was broken. Also boss has never liked sook dogs. Also I think he wants to hurt every dog cos he got attack by a small dog when I was holding him. They were playing alright still I had to boss so a mate could go out the backyard.
    Anyways weare thinking that we will have to tell boss that he can't hurt the new pup like we did when we got Charlie the cat.

    Does anyone know any good ideas to help us?

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    Honestly...why get another dog if you think Boss will hurt her and be aggressive??? Is it really worth it then?!?

    Is Boss desexed?

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