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Thread: Dogs Wearing Seat Belt Laws?

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    Question Dogs Wearing Seat Belt Laws?


    Wondering if anyone knows the laws on this especially in NSW and VIC?
    All I can find is laws that enforce UTE drivers to have their dogs harnessed/ tied etc safely to the tray. Not cars/ seat belted-in laws.

    The wonderful whizzes on here I'm hoping know info..

    BTW - attempted search engine on forum with epic fail.

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    From Vic all I could find was this:
    Driving or riding with animals
    You must not drive if there is an animal on your lap. If you are a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle or riding a bicycle you must not lead an animal, including by tethering the animal to the motor vehicle or bicycle.
    Road rules : VicRoads

    and nothing in the NSW rules: NSW Legislation

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    im not 100% sure but im sure dogs have to be restrand in the back seat vis a harness or lead that has seat belt plug on it.
    i also saw a guy with his dog on the back of a ute type car and he was getting a lecture about having the dog in a cage whilst on the back.

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    Thank you for the responses!

    I keep hearing "it's the law" but nothing that backs that statement up.

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    I don't think it is the law. You would need to look up the following, (in Vic I don't know the exact name sorry):

    NSW Road Transport (safety and traffic management) Act 1997

    And the Australian Road Rules 2000. I'm guessing on the years for those Acts but they will be pretty close... It's been a long day and I can't be bothered to google it at the moment.
    The ARR is a nationwide piece of legislation.

    I have a lurking thought that there may be something new about having an unrestrained dog in a vehicle, but maybe that's just the having them in your lap rule?

    Certainly mine don't wear them, even though I'm a seat belt nut for people and think they're a good idea. The day they become available in an appropriate shape and size for dogs like mine I might be able to have some for them!

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    the dogs must be in a harness inside the cabin of the car is possibly a law introduced this year. There are these things known as "national road rules" which each state must enact their own version into law, in order to get federal road funding. Eg 100km/h max speed limit. But NT has been a bit laid back about enforcing that one.

    So I will see if there is dog in cabin rules somewhere but I'd be searching for road rules or national road rules with or or whatever state I wanted to search.
    eg into the google put
    Australian road rules

    Australian road rules, National Traffic Commission

    It's only 400 pages. Looks like hasn't changed since 2009. But there are some proposed amendments.

    so much for making things simpler.

    On page 303 part 297 it says a driver may not drive with a person or animial in their lap.

    I do see this still. Sigh.

    On page 307 there are some rules applying to people in charge of animals. I think they mean riding an animal as a means of transport eg riding a horse on the road.

    The rider of a bicycle must not lead an animal, including by
    tethering the animal to the bicycle, unless the rider is
    permitted to do so under another law of this jurisdiction.
    there is also that, I saw 20 people doing exactly this the other day near the beach. Like they were part of a dog walking with bicycles club.

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    Yep. And there's one against leading a dog from a moving vehicle

    Can you imagine holding the lead out the wiondow and just driving along??

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    I've seen people do that leading the animal from the car, with horses.

    And I've seen it done with dogs.

    And it can lead to an injured animal or human or a car accident - which is why it has been outlawed.

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    I often wonder about what sort of spectacular and horrible accidents the bike riders could have with dogs, on or off lead, if the dog decides to veer in front of the bike at high speed...

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    In WA they have to be tied down in the car. We nearly got fined one day cos of boss but we got let off cos boss un clicked himself.. I think it's about $500 fine

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