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Thread: What Breed is This Dog?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Minibulls mum View Post
    Pitbulls were often called nanny dogs, because they love their kids,

    I beg to differ.. it's the "STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER" that is affectionately known as "The Nanny Dog" & not the pitbull....

    2 different breeds of dog..... yeah i know i've heard it all before the rants & raves how the SBT & the pitbull are supposedly related blood lines, but not in my eyes though

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    Quote Originally Posted by roxi View Post
    we are deciding what to do. we have a dilemma.

    he has bitten my 2 year old daughter once before about 6 months ago, and he has just started growling and snapping at her again. he growls at kids in the playground too.

    some say he is pitbull, but we have no idea. he ws a camp dog from the streets of alice springs.

    IMO the dog should be PTS regardless of he's breed, he did a nasty deed by biting & growling at a child & other children & that's a behavior that is totally unacceptable in any breed of dog.

    I personally would never re-home a "child bitting" dog at all.

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    Flippin big pittie the size of a rottie lol?

    My cousin has a camp dog that looks simmilar, thing is theres plenty of rogue big ass lost dogs about that naturally mate with the natives.

    And yeah the APBT was called the nanny dog well before the SBT was recognised in the 1930's can post a 1901 newsclip that says so lol. But I think its a real bad karma to attach that term to a breed, any breed of dog. I don't like it one bit.

    Rock and that hard place, I don't have kids, So I cant respond to what I would do. But I do know that my kids would come before any dog.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    I do agree Beau that no breed really ought to be called 'Nanny' dogs, it can give some the wrong idea and cause a not very with it dog owner to take silly risks with kids and dogs, none the less my own small experience with APBT does point to them being just what history called them.

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    I personally am quiet proud that the only breed in my heart, The SBT is affectionately,truthfully & respectfully known as just what they are "The Nanny Dog" for obvious reasons..... A positive reputation is much better than negative reputation IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Floyd View Post
    I beg to differ.. it's the "STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER" that is affectionately known as "The Nanny Dog" & not the pitbull....

    2 different breeds of dog..... yeah i know i've heard it all before the rants & raves how the SBT & the pitbull are supposedly related blood lines, but not in my eyes though

    I think the term Nanny dog is attached to quite a few breeds now adays. Its not just reserved for one breed.

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    Default My thoughts

    I absolutely agree with the advice here so far - get the dog away from kids. Without expert management, there is little chance the dog will decide to be 'nicer' to children. And it isn't a breed thing, as others have said.

    My sister had a minature poodle a few years back, bought from a supposedly reputable breeder, although one wonders about that, the dog seemed 'off' to me, even as a pup. Poodles are not a breed associated with danger in the public mind, but he was dominant and fearful from early in the piece and did not enjoy young children and the games that they wanted to play with him. He snapped and showed many warning signs, but my sister tried extra training and closer supervision. Regardless, the dog bit my five year old nephew. I advised them to PTS, but they were convinced that the dog could be rehabiliated. He then bit my son (then ten) when he was visiting. My son is very savvy with dogs and I am absolutely militant with teaching them the correct behaviour around dogs. I wasn't there, but apparently, my son passed the dog while it was lying in a doorway and the dog jumped up and bit him with no warning. Thankfully, the dog did not persist with his attack, but I have little doubt he was capable. The dog was rehomed through a rescue service, but after showing aggression towards cats, was passed along yet again. Not sure what happened after that, but the point is, the dog got worse, not better. Perhaps with a very knowledgable family he might have had a chance and I have no doubt that he was a poor match with my sister and family to start with. They now have a lovely labradoodle from the RSPCA and all is going well.

    Recently, when we decided to adopt another shelter dog and before we got our two rescue rotty cross puppies, we adopted a jack russell terrier from the local pound. He ticked all the boxes and we were happy with him, except when I took him to my kids' drama group, he snapped and lunged at two toddlers, completely unprovoked - the toddlers were standing quietly and hadn't approached the dog - just made eye contact. The dog was only reacting to very small children - older children didn't phase him. The next day, we surrendered him to a reputable rescue service with full disclosure of his issues. They have expert behaviourists there, but he may still end up PTS. Not his fault, but there is no way I could trust the dog or put others at risk. Although rotties might be perceived as more dangerous than a Jack Russell, the pups are already showing a much steadier temperment.

    There are so many great natured dogs out there looking for homes that will fit into a home with kids and be a joy to make part of the family. It's not worth putting any dog above the safety of your child, or someone else's. Add to that the stress of constant vigilance. Google images of kids attacked by dogs (any breed is capable) if you have any doubts.

    Good luck with a very difficult situation - it would no doubt be easier if the dog wasn't your Mum's......


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    i think pts would be the safest option.
    if u are considering rehoming then your mum isnt so attached she doesnt mind seeing him go, so i would pts.
    and if you do rehome make sure u stress to the new owner the issues you have because if he bites a child and u never informed them then ur liable

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