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Thread: Buddy is Getting More Aggressive..

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    The majority of the time he isnt around the kids and the majority of the time he is a really loving good little dog. He spends 95% of his time with my dad.

    My kids were taught from day 1 how to behave around animals. The only dog they hassle is Kimba but she usually is the one that goes to them (either for a pat or she'll take a ball so they chase her) They know not to follow if they walk away or are eating etc.

    We don't have a crate or anything but he does hide under my parents Bed a lot.

    My brother really doesn't care about the dog. He got him just after he broke up with his long term gf. I taught buddy basic obedience (the right way) whereas my brother smacked him. I was there once when he peed on the carpet and my brother was so angry. I actually took the dog with me as I was worried about him.

    I tried to teach him the right way to train him but he just took it like I was bragging as I had a really well trained good dog. I think he forgets I researched and looked everywhere for mine..

    So now the brother has a new gf oh and a baby on the way he really doesnt care about Buddy. However still thinks he has a say.

    I actually looked up Buddys Vet records this morning and noticed something a little promising. When Buddy was a pup I took him to everything, the vets. puppy preschool etc & as I would be doing it all the time Buddy is actually registered, microchipped and everything else under MY name.

    I spoke to Dad again and he knows Buddy is aggressive. He had it with our last dog (another dumped from the other brother) and doesnt want it again and has agreed to try and sort out his aggression before totally giving up on him. So next week we are going to get him desexed.
    I really don't know how much it might change him but I think its at least a start.
    My dad has been sick for longer than I can remember and Buddy really is his little companion dog & when Beau passed away his health deteriorated severly. I know it isnt an excuse to keep a potentially dangerous dog though

    We actually live under my parents house so like I said earlier we are not always in direct contact with him. If there were rental properties available I would already have moved out..

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    Would your parents consider getting in a trainer to help put together a structured training strategy that everyone can follow.

    I've found it helps to have a neutral person set down the guidelines to follow. It may also be best coming from another person that because your father holds this little dog in such high regard that he may be elevating it's status?

    At the very least the arguments need to stop for everyones sake as this just makes the dogs problems worse.

    Best of luck with it all. I'd be very interested to be kept updated and find out how you go and I hope that your brother never considers another dog.

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    I am so glad that the kids are not always in direct contact and that you have talked to your dad. I agree that our dogs can be so beneficial to us when we are ill. I hope a workable solution can be found. Many hugs.

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    get a crate, untill you have a trainer in, whenever the kids are around, crate the dog. I would not let children around that dog until its problems are sorted
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