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Thread: Confused?

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    Default Confused?

    There seems to be a "Breed Forum" and then a "My dog groups"
    if they are linked some how.. forgive me please!

    I am easily confused with computers

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    Hi Loves Danes

    It depends if you just love Danes - dog groups

    or you love them so much you're prepared to put in the work that goes with breeding better Danes to share.

    Personally - I have a great affinity for cattle dogs, I'm not the least bit interested in breeding and no need to learn how to manage an undesexed female, mating, birthing, vet related stuff, health issues, pregnant and lactating bitch nutrition issues, keeping puppies from being squished etc etc.

    Does that help at all?

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    ahhhhhhhh i see.. thank you for clearing that up.

    no not breeding! there are experts for that out there already =0)

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