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Thread: I Didnt Think This Puppy Thing Would Be So Hard!

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    Default I Didnt Think This Puppy Thing Would Be So Hard!

    Well we got the puppy yesterday.... Peppa was not good AT ALL!!!!

    She barked, growled,bit him and was not a happy camper.

    He cried all night, so i ended u sleeping with him on the lounge.... To this Peppa cried and barked at her door all night...

    And to top things off Ive just dropped peppa off for an operation for a luxating patella....

    Its so bad timing! I'm imagining that this is going to make things even harder for her and the pup!!

    What do i do?!?!


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    Can you keep the pup in a crate when he's around Peppa so they can get used to each other in a safe environment, it will also make Peppa feel less threatened. I do this for a few days when I get new foster pups so my two dogs can get used to them without feeling like these intruders have just landed in their home.

    I would also let the pup cry and not respond to him, it will take approx a week for him to realise that crying won't work and he will stop. Peppa's routine shouldn't change too much.

    Good luck

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    And do the usual "Peppa first" thing. If you put her first she will not feel the need to put the pup in its place. She could be grumpy from any pain which wouldnt help but if you have been cuddling the pup when he fusses she will feel threatened, not to mention the fact that its teaching the pup to fuss.
    So yes, make all your actions reflect that peppa is still top dog and she will not feel such a huge need to defend herself.

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    I'd take the positive side to this and that is your older dog will need to be confined to a crate etc so they can get used to each other with a barrier first.

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    im going to be very selfish and of both pep and the new pup..please??

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    Quote Originally Posted by laura77 View Post
    im going to be very selfish and of both pep and the new pup..please??
    I'll second that

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    thanks for the help guys...

    I think the fact that pep is tired and sad after her operation is working in our favour....

    She still doesnt like him.... but is slowly tolerating.... I was lying on the bed with them this morning... and Deezel decided that i wasnt comfortable enough and decided to snuggle peppa instead. Peppa made the most scared face, growled... I told her to stop it.... She rolled her eyes as me (a common occurance when she doesnt like what im telling her to do), put her head back down and went to sleep. So there we have it, Deezel was asleep on pep for about an hour....

    Here are some photos!!

    Peppas sore leg after the op yesterday...

    there we go.... I hope peppa gets better... I imagine she will over time...

    Oh, by the way.... I tried the crate thing... definately a no go.... puppy screams in crate, peppa barks when puppy screams.... VERY VERY noisy....

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    How cute are they?? Poor Peppa's leg

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    Fantastic pics. Just an aside, can such wide collars (pink one) be comfortable for the dog?

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    She doesnt even notice the collar anymore.... Shes walked with a harness also, so it doesnt both her when walking either.

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