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Thread: Peppa's Luxating Patella

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    Unhappy Peppa's Luxating Patella

    Peppa, myself and my wallet are very upset!!

    She has had a sore leg for a little while and some 'awesome' vet told me that it was just 'one of those things' that would go away.

    Anyway, concerned i took her for a 2nd opinion... AND it turns out she has a luxating Patella - aka a dislocating knee.... its giving her quite a bit of pain, so shes having an operation on thursday....

    Peppas only 19 months old, so i'm hoping it will be a relatively speedy recovery...

    Also... were getting a new pup on wednesday, this is absoloutly terrible timing!!

    Just wondering if anyone has had the same prob??
    Thanks, Katie.

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    Poor peppa And poor wallet

    Marnie had a limp for a bit last year, patellas were mentioned but it went away with rest and some anti-inflammatories. Hopefully the surgery will be a permanent fix. Awful timing though!

    Here's to a speedy recovery

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    One of my kelpies did her patella on an agility hurdle, really bashed it.

    I had one of Sydney leading Ortho vets operate on her and instead of doing the more usual groove in the bone he built up scar tissue.

    Not that there is too much wrong with the groove method but he knew this dog would return to agility and dogs sports.

    Until she died at age 14 she never limped on that leg, or had any problems with it. This was done many many years ago and cost $545.00. Hate to think what the operation would costs today. That price always sticks in my mind as it took my breath away.

    I followed his instructions re recovery and she was kept confined with lead walking only.

    Good luck.

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    Hey, yes the price is about 3 x that now.....

    I'm a bit worried, but fortunately we have someone to look after her inside for a few weeks. She's a sbt with no fear, and even through the vets tells me I cant let her walk for a few weeks, etc I knows shes going to try!

    Its going to be a tricky few weeks i think... especially with our little pup coming on wednesday... what bad timing!!!!!

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