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    Default Pet Goods Direct -Superstore-

    Has anyone ever shoped at one?
    Whats there range like?
    Do they stock things for large dogs?

    I already know they dont do Roo mince ( was hoping to find it somwhere cheaper)

    Was just curious what peoples opinions were of the shop in general..

    Pet Goods Superstore
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    I've shopped at one in Qld and found it to be quite expensive. Got the impression that the staff didn't really know much about what they were selling, quite impersonal too. I wouldn't want to say that it would be the same for all stores, as I'm sure that there would be varying degrees of people working in them, with degrees of experience and knowledge.

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    Cheers thanks..

    Jus thought id put the question out because i only just found out my suburb has one and so i might have some variation from Petbarn (which is the best to offer, i think)..
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    Best bet is to go in and have a look for yourself, Lex, see what you think.

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    I attend a Pet Goods Direct every fortnight to speak with people about rescue and show off the pei orphans.

    The staff are young but very very helpful. I think their product range is great and I have to say they make me VERY welcome in more ways than one. They direct potential dog owners to me all the time, keep my rescue business cards at the register and recently have installed a donations bin for SPR Inc.

    Pity you aren't in Melbourne as I would tell you to come visit this Sunday!!
    SPR fosters:Rowland, Matrix, Mia, Arizona, Romeo, Wrinkles, George, Molly, Su Lin, Ellie, Charlie, Charlotte, Lulu, Montana

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    Thanks for the feedback..

    So leashed pets are welcome.. like at petbarn?

    Lex loves going to Petbarn, because all the girl staff fuss over him and give him treats haha..

    And when ive worked up enough points he gets to choose a toy from the toy asle
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    ohh wow... PET BARN allows you take your pets in the store, i never knew that... but then again i don't shop or have a need to shop at pet supply stores...

    I buy my dogs toys at toy shops or on ebay & food at butchers, super markets or chicken shops etc

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    I only go to petbarn because, everything is all in one place and the prices arnt TOO bad.. And they have a vet and dog washer place thing behind them.

    And there also just down the road
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    Pet Stock allow you to take your dogs too. I saw the most gorgeous Great Dane there once! And the most adoreabe Frenchie at Pet Barn! Haven't had the courage to take my pups though.

    I haven't heard of Pet Good Direct though so sorry, I am not very helpful. That is awesome how they support you though, SPR!

    eta...really sounds like i need to get out more doesn't?

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    I bought quite a bit through them- flea stuff, dog vitamens/supliments etc. It was fast delivery and cheeper than petbarn near us. Also- its a solid 30-45 min from here to a pet shop so saves heaps of time. I have not bought food through them though. If I lived closer I would prob do it in person, but I have been very happy with price/service.

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