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Thread: Off Leash Area's....WDYT?

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    Hi Huskymum

    I agree it's annoying when people make it hard for dogs to have a proper run in an off lead area. I do a lot of apologising and usually end up in some sort of conversation with them or introduce my dog to them, and they're usually ok with the occasional doggy interruption. My dog is a major groveller and her greeting antics are usually quite entertaining so we probably get away with more than someone with a Husky or other big dog might.

    So I guess your best bet in a dog off lead area is to talk to people like that and find out what they're thinking - in a nice open minded way and let them meet your dog under supervision and see that it is friendly. It would also be an interesting challenge to train our dogs to give people like this a wide berth.

    My favourite oval has a cricket pitch squatting in the middle of it which is off limits to dogs. Clearly it's the cricket pitch's fault for dogs running on it . My challenge is to persuade Frosty that jumping the rope or barriers and onto it is forbidden. Doesn't help that the grounds manager is fine with pitch invasions some days and not others depending on whether it's soft or not, so some days he pats her and some days he scolds her. I get a lot of exercise on the days when pitch is soft. "Frosty This Way"- me run away and sometimes hide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozeymum View Post
    Went to the offleash park yesterday...there was this St Bernard there...OMG, he shook his head and we got a slobber bath....LMAO

    The day before...a dog turned up and he had conjunctivitis grrrrrrr
    Haha Ozeymum, I'm glad you didn't say it was a Newfie! Since moving to the city 3 months ago, I have been taking George to an off leash dog park. I bring a roll of paper towel and am constantly calling him back to wipe his mouth to save everyone else's clothes!!

    I have found it to be a mixed bunch, but the pros def outweigh the cons so far. I usually meet a friend who has a lab so George and the lab play, mainly because I am conscious of people being scared of my boy playing with their dogs! In regards to aggressive dogs, I have never had a large dog be aggressive to George, but prob about 70% of small dogs are, I am lucky that he just turns his nose up and trots by them. I get really frustrated when people assume that just because a dog is big, it's aggressive, when usually they've got a little dog on the other end of the lead barking and growling its head off!

    I have also seen a lot of completely ignorant people at the dog park. There is one man who refuses to close the gate after him, or pick up his dog's poo!

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    Default Off leash dog park

    Hello Everybody,

    We took Tara (Great Dane) to the dog park in Rouse Hill on Sunday, after her vet check up. We didnt know what she was going to be like, except that she has a wonderful temperament and we have excellent recall because she just loves to be with us.

    She would come over and stand by us while we spoke to another couple with Labradors, then go tearing off after some other dogs when they came close, followed by the obligitory butt sniffing etc. Then she would come back over, spend some time with us and then repeat the cycle.

    There was a heated argument that almost lead to a fight, as there were some people there with a Boxer which they had no control over, and they had an altercation with a Beagle after somebody tried to kick somebody elses dog. My wife agreed that it was wrong for a person to try and do that if that was what happened, but it is also wrong to become a tool and have a go in public like that.

    We left them to it shortly afterwards. It's a shame when the kids can play nicely but the adults cannot. Tara had a ball of a time, people could not believe her colour and how young she was. She was a gem the whole time, and it was good to see her run down the Dalmation, she was moving!!!!

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