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Thread: Becoming a Small Home Breeder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mouni View Post
    I am only 22 but I am not currently working at all as no jobs yet have made me interested at all. The thought and idea of starting up a little home breeding is something that I actually would love to do. The only type of breed I've owned in my life so far is West Highland Terriers.

    I notice that there are hardly any people that I could find that actually breed pure bred westies in my state (victoria). When looking for my current westie, it took a few months of searching and we got extremely lucky to find her. Anyway I have my sights set on westies as it's the breed of dog I've always liked and owned.

    I will not be rushing into this by any means, my old man is a tradesman and he already is willing to help me setup all the kennels and make sure everything is safe, clean and ready. My parents are willing to give me money to purchase a high quality stud and brood but here is the main thing. I cannot ever find westies let a lone westies that come from well-known high quality breeders.

    I'd be buying the stud and brood from different breeders obviously but will this cause a problem with them both living together? Will they not mate if they're living with eachother?

    I am just starting so I obviously wont be able to breed the PERFECT westie but you've gotta start somewhere. I will have a maximum budget of around $2,000 for a stud and $2,000 for the bitch.

    My current westie is a female and we desexed her when she was 1 years old as we had no plans at all for her to have a litter. Also considering this, will there be any issues with my current westie if there are 2 new westies introduced into our pack that will be having litters?
    I've been away from the forum awhile and its just the luck of the draw I guess that this was the first topic I read that I felt I had to say something.

    I would just like to say sorry for some of the comments and assumptions made against yourself.
    I cannot seem to find in your post these assumptions that had everyone else so up in arms and truthfully quite aggressive and rude about.
    I cannot seem to find in your post where you were you going to abuse your dogs by only breeding for sheer profit. Rather to me it sounded as though you had very much been taken with your chosen breed and were seriously considering becoming a breeder hence being here asking questions and seeking advice.

    I have no experience when it comes to the Westies so am little help to you I'm afraid. But with the desexed female you already have,there could be many variables so it's hard to pin it down and actually give an expectation when in reality things could play out so differently

    She may show signs of jealousy which would be my first concern though
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    Quote Originally Posted by silvershadowwolf24 View Post
    I think you misread, Red. He got support from people he's spoken to in person (not on the gaming forum).

    It's all good and well to give opinions, but to attack as aggressively as some people have done in this thread is over the top. People really need to sit back and read what they write before they post. Regardless of whether the topic is to your taste or not, EVERYONE deserves the same respect as you yourself expect.
    Note taken,but there is maturity and immaturity everywhere. He asked advice,now is upset with that advice which is given so name calls others? Thats what i found immature.

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    It doesn't look like he's upset with the advice at all. It looks to me like he's upset with being insulted and attacked. Rightfully so, it appears =/

    Red, only the first line of my post was directed to you, in case you thought other wise =)

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    Lol is ok,i thought it was just the first part,i forgot to edit out the rest
    I really need sleep atm,but i dont feel all that tired.

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