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Thread: Breed Requirements

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    Having been on the other end of the sleeve and also having looked after a trained dog I would greatly say it depends on the dogs temperament.

    This particular Rotti is from working lines, is in the hands of one of Australia's top trainers and has a remarkable temperament. I've gone from being on the sleeve (I only did it twice as I like my arm to fit into the shoulder socket) to presenting my hand and patting this dog and returning it to the kennels within seconds of the sleeve coming off.

    If you've been around dogs for a long time, done other obedience and are getting expert help with your training then I see no problem.

    But I do believe that the average owner needs to do a lot more basic work, obedience before they take it on.

    I've also seen a BC do it, again a fabulous dog with the temperament of a Cavalier the drive was built in. He releases the sleeve to play with his tug toy, in fact he does most of his work for a particular tug toy.

    But getting back to the point. Researching a breed to suit you, being realistic about the training timeframe you can give a dog, taking in where you will be in 5 - 10 years time, eg will there be kids on the scene etc all fall into finding the right breed for you. That and going out and meeting adult dogs of your chosen breed and talking to people with experience in them. Making sure that you and the dog are a match.
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    I think I should add after reading some more posts, my experience with dogs is probably somewhat different to the average dog owner because my life is pretty much devoted to a new pup until they're about 2 years of age. If you are willing to fully devote your time (and if required, money for training) you will have a great dog, no matter the breed. Some of the breeds that are known to be stubborn or aggressive are also the more intelligent breeds so they need a lot of human interaction and to have a connection with their humans, which means they are with you when you are inside, outside, going for a drive, going to the park, etc.

    Look, I did a lot of research and all said don't ever let a Rottweiler get on the couch, sleep on your bed, . My girl sleeps on my bed every night, sits on the couch next to me when I watch TV (or type on my laptop on forums), but she gets down the second I tell her to. It's because she respects me. We spend so much time together that we have an "understanding". She is NEVER aggressive towards people or other dogs and in fact people often say "gee, I would never have thought of getting a Rottweiler because I thought they were aggressive". Everybody loves her and wants to take her home with them

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    and thats exactly right!! i let my dog do bascically what she wants so long as it is within the basic rules of the house. she is allowed on the bed and couchs etc but ONLY if she is invited up before hand, she tends to ask politely if she can come up and i let her (i.e she will put her head on the couch/bed and look at me lovingly lol)

    just so long as you and the dog and everyone else in the house knows the rules the dog must follow then no matter what breed the dog will be a pleasure to live with (some breeds just take a little longer to learn the rules than others )
    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland

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    Same. Bella is allowed to do basically whatever she wants, but only if I allow her to... she is allowed on beds if I invite her up (mainly because she is too short to jump up herself lol) and if she is on the couch ( she is allowed on the couch without an invitation though) and in my way or I don't want her so close to me I will say move please and she wil instantly move to another part of the couch. If I want her off the couch all I have to say is off and she will get off instantly. She knows the boundaries

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    I have to say, after owning a toy breed that is actually a working breed (Miniature Pinscher - bred to hunt vermin, flush rodents, etc), I didn't believe they required a "a firm hand" as advised when I was researching. I certainly do now that I've seen first hand how headstrong and willful they actually are! Their size is misleading as is the case with a lot of small breeds that are a handful (terriers, Chis, etc).

    Min Pins are like Chihuahuas on stilts. They are our second and third additions to the family; I was 12 when we got Mischa and she was not correctly socialised or exposed to new situations. As an adult, she has been extremely difficult between being human-aggressive and mildly dog-aggrssive (she ignores them after the initial sniff, but does not take kindly to boisterous or excitable bigger dogs - but who does!). I have since corrected most of her issues, but she remains food-aggressive and I am always vigilant when I take her out.

    Our other Min Pin is the reverse: fear-aggressive toward dogs larger/more excitable and timid with people. Both dogs have bitten kids and adults (last incident was a few years ago).

    Despite my experience with the breed, I have a friend who has a MP pup that was not socialised, either. It is a very well-adjusted dog who is practically the opposite of our girls - Mischa is fearless, bold, indepdendent, assertive, etc. This dog is like a Golden Retriever in a tiny body. The owner is also a first-time dog owner, to boot. I guess it just shows there are variations within any breed!

    My staffy/cairn mix is so well socialised for a dog who was abused severely physically and mentally. He is 100% balanced with dogs, but people are another kettle of fish. Let's just say he is not an easy dog to handle. He has the terrier tenacity; when he is intent on something, he does not give up.
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