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Thread: Speaking of Farts....

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    Update! Rosie had a whole can of sardines last night... no, night before and last night oh boy, a whole new definition to SBD, with total emphasis on D, not just a capital D but one big enough to shadow the D in the HOLLYWOOD sign!

    Blech, I'm still gagging, just from the memory of it!

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    Oh you need one of those scented candles or room spray or a plug!! I feel sorry for you, I really do! But it reminded me of last night when I was sitting on the couch and someone, there were a few canidates, kept farting pal/fishy farts. IT WAS HORRID!!!

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    LOL mine kind of toots the horn and has a chuckle, Old Sir would actual let one rip then sniff it and run away LMAO. God some were rank, peel the walls straight off the paint types.
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    Geez, this is our topic

    I voted Full on farters in this house. Ira farts silent ones, loud ones, but mostly deadly ones. So deadly that paint melts off the walls, your eyes sting and you want to throw up. It was horrible when we got her as she's had problems, but then we found the right kind of food and we can live now. Although she still has episodes.

    I remember when we first heard her fart. My partner and I were still in a fresh relationship, he came over to pick me up and we sat on a couch watched TV for a while. My mum came, we casually chatted, and then... Ira let the ripper out: PPPPPRRrrrrrrrrrrrr! We just looked at each other in surprise and all at once said "Wasn't me!" Then we smelt it and it was obvious it cannot be human Ira was just lying on a floor like nothing happened.
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