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    We want to adopt an american staffie from a rescue organisation. He is 10 months old, was very well-looked after (physically ar least) by his previous owners but abandoned, for appararently no reason. we met the dog, he seems really lovely and good-natured, a very friendly dog but also a bit timid. The staff members said that he is really not aggressive at all. We have small children, and a cat, so I was wondering if people here had any bad experiences with staffies (I mean mostly dogs which were not raised by themselves). My concern is that he might have been through some sort of traumatic experiences and he might become aggresive after we get him. I know a little bit about the breed but it would be good to hear from some people who own/owned staffies.

    thank you!

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    I have grown up with staffies they are very gentle dogs, we let our staffy inside with a 8 month old crawling over him and he loves our cat. I have never heard of any problems with staffy's

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    I have a 10month old staffy and previously owned a staffy before him (Or part owned as he was my OH's before i meet him) They are a known as the Nanny dog. I would have to say they are one of the most loyal, smartest and so eager to please dogs ever. For this reason i find them very easy to train. They do need quite alot of exercise, and pups should be very well socialized, otherwise they can develop DA. They can be very head strong/stubborn though so need a firm fair owner. As long as you are prepared to put in the time and effort required, they are excellent family pets and very loving loyal animals indeed.

    Not that i am bias or anything

    Just for good measure he's a pic of me and my staffy baby Leo

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    Ah and what the heck, heres another LOL Just cause i think its a funny pic

    And just cause i think he is the cutest:

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    Leo, these are the best pics I've seen in a while! Hahaha, can't stop laughing

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    Hi there,

    Well if he is down as an Amstaff then you dont have a 'staffie' ( and it's Stafford) sorry but as this is my breed I am quite pedantic about it , I do not mean offence

    The Amstaff and Stafford have different temps .
    The Staffords tend to be on the go dogs , pocket rockets if you like
    While the Amstaff is a bit more laid back.

    Dog Aggression is trait , you need to be aware of this. Not all Amstaffs will exhibit DA but you need to be aware that it is there and the switch can be flicked at any time. Amstaffs and dog parks for example do not mix

    Also be very aware of BSL . I am assuming he is not a Registered Amstaff?
    Without papers he is a "pit bull" in a rangers eyes. Know your Laws , inside and out. Know your rights , inside and out. Learn that you must be issued a NOI ( Notice of Intent) if a Ranger decides you have a Restricted Breed.You then will need to pass a Breed ID and Temp Test.

    Do you mind if I ask what Rescue? And do you have photos ?
    You are welcome to email me if you would like any more information. You are also welcome to check out my site Ozpits for more info
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    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    It is fantastic that you are considering a rescued pet!

    I will probably be shot for this! Overall i would not recommend a rescue of this breed for you and your family while you have young children and a cat.

    If you do decide to go ahead please make sure the rescue group is highly repuatable and their foster carrers experienced.

    Have you asked what he is like with children and cats? If not known the rescue group should temp test him with cats before hand. IMO he should be temp tested before he is adopted on a broad range of things.

    I agree dog to dog aggression is very common in this breed and something to be seriously considered.

    I would only rehome a AMstaff to a very experienced owner, who knows the breed well along with the restrictions associated.

    Amstaff are a gorgeous breed with the most incredible qualities without question.

    Good luck in your decision and let us know how you go...


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    Thank you so much for all the replies! I am very glad I have asked, it is good to talk to people who have experience with the breed. Leo01, the photos are beautiful, such a gorgeous dog...He looks a bit like the one we want to adopt except that he is all brown-grey and with a only bit of white oh his chest. We don't have photo with him yet...

    He is temperament tested by the vet from the shelter and the carers at the shelter (he is not in foster care) told us that he never showed any signs of aggression towards any other animals or people. He genuinly seems a very good dog, we took him for a walk (with our children too) and he was not even barking when meeting other dogs. He even met a cat, and he was fine, just a bit curious.

    He really seems to be a beautiful dog, hopefully he will not change when we bring him home. After the walk we pretty much made our minds about him, but I wanted to sort of make sure that there are no horror stories with these dogs (from people who raise them properly)...

    Billy, what are the restrictions associated with the breed?

    ChoppaChop, you are right, he seems pretty relaxed...We are sure going to check out your website and probably ask you more questions. We will register him with the council, so this should be fine isn't it? I mean I am sure that the ranger could not get registered dogs?

    Thanks again to anyone!

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    OK , firstly , Billy ( no I'm not going to shoot you ) but I am going to disagree very strongly with some of thethings you wrote.

    Amstaffs/APBT/Staffords , they all ADORE children .
    This breed is the best family dog .

    Also , whilst yes , some Bull breeds can have a high prey drive and not get on with small fluffy animals , an awful lot can and do .

    And please remember , Dog Aggression does not equal Human Aggression.
    They are two extremely different things and are in no way related.

    The Choppa Dog and Friend

    And a short video ;
    YouTube - Doggy Daycare


    Sadly , registering with the Council will not make you safe from BSL. In fact , depending on what you Register him as , some Councils will call you on it straight away.

    Please email me in regards to Registering him as I dont really want to say too much here.

    There are no Restrictions on papered Amstaffs yet. However , as he is not papered , a Ranger could decide he looks like a Restricted Breed and you will need to go through a Breed ID and Temp Test .If he passes the Breed Id as a cross then he goes onto the Temp Test , if he passes this then he is free to live life as any other non restricted breed.

    If he doesn't pass the Breed ID however , you will hav to comply with the restricted breed regulations. Enclosed cage , muzzle when out of it , only handled by an adult , restricted breed collar....

    But then again,if he is kept and raised responsibly to become a good canine citizen then chances are you will never come under a Rangers scrutiny.
    But you must know your laws and rights in case you ever do
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Choppachop, LOL your rather clever, being an amstaff that can type!! (As this is your breed) So J/K, couldnt help it!!

    But agree, alot of people get very annoyed with them being called staffy/staffie, the correct term as you say is stafford or staffordshire

    My Leo is a staffordshire bull terrier, not amstaff. As was my previous dog. My current stafford is as you say a little pocket rocket! and such a clown!! LOL But our previous staffaord we had before was extremly laid back, he was named Bernie after that movie 'weekend at bernies' as he used to lay on his back and watch the world go by and looked to be playing dead (Even as a very younge pup) I spose it depends on the genes as well (If they're parents were very load back type dogs) ??

    And thanks Febra and Anamaria about your comments on my photos As said my Leo is SUCH a clown, i have so many crazy funny pics of him!

    And goodluck Anamaria with your potential new furry family member

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