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    Hi Anamariab

    Congratulations!! and what a lucky little boy he is to be with such a caring family who will always hold him close to their hearts and home.

    You are doing all the right things Hon, a careful introduction with little ones is important. I do this here with any breed, and you are spot on.

    Staffy's are the best fence jumpers/scalers! they are such a loyal and devoted breed they insist on being with their people, and this will be more intense as a rescue babe. (the newbies will not leave me alone for weeks!)

    I would suggest bringing him inside if you are out and about to be sure, particularly during the settling in period.

    I agree feeding can be tricky during the settling in period. A small amount of good quality dry with a fresh raw diet is what i would recommend personally, some scraps and veges mixed through are loved as well, though any cooked bones are a disaster waiting to happen.

    Give him some time to settle and before you know it he will be as fat as a fool believe me!

    Oh, remove his bowl after 10/15 minutes to develop a routine and some feeding boundries. It is VERY hard to do with a new family member, but worth the effort...a bit like the toddler thing!

    Good luck!

    Nic x

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    Hi again

    Glad to hear that you have added another member to your family !
    You seem to have everything in hand but as Billy said,it would be wise to keep him inside when you are not around and fix the fence asap

    With the feeding,try some chicken wings and necks and some fresh chicken mince .As you say though,he is still settling in so things will calm soon.

    When you say he is registered , do you mean he is from a registered breeder? Or that he is just registered as in chipped etc?

    If he is actually a papered,pedigree Amstaff would you mind PM'ng me his kennel prefix? It is not often that a papered Amstaff comes through a pound.

    And still waiting on photos
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anamariab View Post
    We took home our dog on Thursday and he exceeded all our expectations. He is very loving. just a big playfull pup really. He is fine even with the cat, she try to give him a little scratch but he didn't react in any way. He is really good, he probably already did some puppy training. Yesterday we had a bbq and he was the centre of attention, very friendly with everyone. Of course the children are never alone with him, and because they are so small (3 and 1y.o.) we don't let them to get to him too close. They can pat him, and let their hands to be licked but that's about all, at least untill they get a bit older. He is strong and he still jumps on us when he gets too excited, probably some more training will fix this. Yesterday when we were saying goodbye to our guests in front of the house, he amazed everyone by jumping over the fence, so now we are a bit stressing out as we need to make our fence higher.

    He is a registered Am. Staff.Terrier and on Monday we plan to register him at the council. Fingers crossed that won't be any problems. The people from the shelter assured us that it should be fine, the council can contact the vet if they are in doubt....

    We could not be happier with him, and I would like to thank everyone who gave advice and encourage us to get him from the shelter. He is different from the way he was in the shelter (that was one of my concerns) but in such a positive way...

    In relation to his diet, we want to give him mostly home made food rather than commercial food. At the moment we got him some Superplan (dry) and we tried him on some cooked meat. What is your advice on giving him raw meat and bones? At the moment he is not eating well but that's probably because he is still not settled in yet...


    So glad all has gone well.

    We need to see photos!

    And good to hear he loves the kids - it's a bit of a thing with these breeds I hear!

    The good thing about raw chicken mince is that pet mince often has the bones ground up in it - good extra calcium for a youngster!

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    Thanks for the advice on feeding! I wasn't sure what is best raw or cooked...
    From the shelter they told us that he is pure breed registered Am staff but we did not get any papers, so I am not sure, maybe they meant that the vet confirmed the breed...I am really not sure if they meant registered with the Am staff association or just microchipped...

    He is such a beautiful boy, I am attaching some photos. The first one is from the shelter and the second is taken on Saturday at home (smiling!).
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Oh he is just gorgeous!! Really lovely boy!
    I love seal dogs

    You have a PM by the way
    GageDesign Pet Photography
    Site still in construction so will post link when it's finished.

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    Default Hi anamariab

    Congratulations!!! i had a feeling he stole your heart and that you'd adopt him. Well done ! And he's soooo gorgeous !!!
    i have a pure pedegree stafford girl. And she is so different to the boy stafford i had a few years ago. He was all play, clown, attention, loved walks, loved water. My current girl 'misi' however is the opposite. She's lazy, she hates walks, water is something you drink only, and she wants to hang out with people not other dogs. The outdoors are just for going to the toilet and the best sport is to lay on the couch and snore or be driven around. The boy hated cats and small animals and 'misi' is fine with cats, my cockatiel and had a stray bunny friend.... That's 2 examples of the same breed. They vary! However they both have one thing in common - love people and kids! Once again, i'm talking about my own experience with pure staffordshires....
    I don't know much about am staffs apart from the bad rep they get through the media. But really most breeds have copped it at some stage; including staffords, rotties, german shepards etc. But i'm a strong believer in 'it's how you bring them up'. Make sure your pup knows who's boss, reward ! Reward ! Reward !good behavior and let him know if he's behaviour is inappropriate! And always supervise around children.
    The beauty with a rescue/shelter dog is that you know when you've found the one-usually they're not tiny pups anymore and you can see their nature. I have a 6 month old rescue pup and it was love at first sight-i just got a gut feeling that she was going to be perfect and she is! So don't forget the good old 'instincts' sometimes that's what you should trust the most! I've trusted my instincts before with 'maxi' a mastiff x rotti pup i rescued. She ended up being one of those once in a lifetime dogs! Bless her ! And i must say, as much as i love the staffordshire there is something extra special in rescue's like they love you more, appriciate more, and really want to please.
    Sorry for going on and on. I just think it's great that you got him and i have a feeling that he will grow up to be a very smart loving boy! Well done again ! Can't wait for more pics !!!

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    Thank you, Magdalena! Yes he stole our hearts, we were planning to get a dog but in a year or so, but when we saw his photo on the shelter website and then we met him, we really fell in love with him . He is such a good and loving boy... Because he is a good jumper we leave him in the house when we are not at home. At the beginning we were worried that we might find our couches or other things chewed up, but no he is such a well-behaved dog, I think he is just sleeping on the couch while we are away (it it never more than about 2 hours though) and he seems to be house trained too. He greets us so happily when we are back home, he does 'sit' but for 'down' he goes on his back for us to rub his chest . He is excellent with the cat, and an overall wonderful dog. This Sunday we will take him for his first training lesson, I am sure it will go well, as he already responds so well to treasts and praise. The children are a bit intimidated by him (he is muscular and tallish), which is good in a way because I don't want them to get too close and familiar. They pat him but we are careful, especially with the little one, as he gets too excited and might frighten the dog. All in all we are very happy with him, we can't understand how somebody could abandon such a perfect, loving dog.

    PS more photos will come soon

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    Hi anamariab
    that's no probs! I just knew you fell for him because you sounded like me 2 months ago...i decided to put-off the idea of getting a 2nd dog for a while and was at the shelter to give a donation for christmas. I couldn't help myself but say hello to the dogs and just as i was about to leave i spotted a black+white pup sitting in a corner wagging it's tail. Stole my heart! Perfect little girl! (she was quite big actually, almost as tall as my stafford) and your little boy sounds like my lola; no chewing, no toilet accidents, responds to commands .etc. Lola was dumped at the shelter over the fence when she was a tiny pup. She was dumped after hours. So heartbreaking! I don't know how people can do this
    looking forward to more pics!congratulations again! He sounds perfect!

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