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Thread: Aggressive Dog at Home . .?

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    Would you rather run on a treadmill, or go outside in the clean air with different smells and things to look at?
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    How did it go with the vet?
    All these ideas about excercising and stimulating your BC are great friest steps. That should make her less likely to try everyones patience. Even doing small mental things, I have trained my BC to jump through a hoop, go through my sudo-agility cource of tables cairs and jumps, he can go both over and under jumps on command! This combined with general ob and excercise are a great way to keep their energy levels down and while this will not fix the Cavs issues it will lessen the strain on her.
    Let us know how she is going yeh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussiemyf7 View Post
    Would you rather run on a treadmill, or go outside in the clean air with different smells and things to look at?
    Couldn't resist, I would actual prefer the treadmill Then again I'd be even happyer running around in a game on the computer
    Sadly my dogs and I dont share the same views on exersize

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    I have a similar issue but it's my BC who is aggressive. She will just suddenly "snap" and savagely attack the other dog with so much anger, the other dog doesn't even see it coming. I have to physically pry her jaw off the other dog and take her away to calm down. It happens about once per year. Most of the time she will just growl and when she does I keep the other dog away from her. It's not a problem with one dog, she's done it to two of my own dogs plus my mum's dog. She has a lot of health issues, one being underactive thyroid. When she was diagnosed last year, within a week of being on medication she was a much happier, more tolerant dog. She has done it again since but she also has other health issues so I put it down to not feeling well when it happens. I'm just mentioning this because I had mentioned the aggression to the vet whevenever I took her for about 2 years and they never suggested a thyroid test until last year. Underactive thyroid can make them very moody.

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    Well, the vet thinks that Bella has lost her patience for Lucy, as a few of you had suggested. Unfortunately it was a rushed appt tho so we didn't get to talk as much as I'd have liked. We have to go back in a week with a urine sample.
    I think I'll suggest the thyroid issue to him.

    For now though, if Lucy follows Bella and she ignores a growl, she's getting tethered for a few minutes.
    It can be really hard though, as Lucy is my brothers dog, and I'm not always here, and getting people to be consistant can be difficult.

    I'm thinking of taking Lucy to a class/school where she'll get to herd sheep, or learn how.

    I love your ideas Ashaari about the hoops and courses. I've taught her to crawl and twirl and little things like that, but courses are another thing.
    I'm still learning about how to train them. Suppose we can learn together.
    Any tips?

    I wouldn't buy my dogs a treadmill, although I'm sure Lucy would get pretty tired. and hopefully go to sleep

    Do you think that tethering Lucy when she doesn''t listen to bella is ok? SHould I take her away, like, to another part of the yard, so she's more isolated? The vet said it was a good idea (I'm pretty sure that someone posted it here) but, we didn't get to talk about it enough.

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    Maybe the BC could use two or three ducks to herd.

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    I can only echo what others have said regarding increasing the BC's activity levels both mentally and physically.

    A BC with a particularly high work drive needs a variety of things to do. All I can do is suggest the same old same old and say join your local club, even two, look for ones that also incorporate agility so that you can possibly move into that area as soon as the basics are under control.

    Does the BC play fetch, does it have plenty of toys around to play with, is it getting out for lots of walks, even a ride in the car can be mentally stimulating for a working dog.

    Give the older dog breaks from the BC by bringing it inside and taking the other one out for a game or a walk and visa versa. Try distraction methods.

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