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    I know this is not about dogs but none of my friends and family are very knowledgeable on pets so I need advise please.
    We have a garden bed running along our driveway with Australian Natives and all this week I have noticed a little ginger cat hiding. When I tried to get close it would run away. I have noticed it had no collar.
    Today I was weeding and of course it was there. When I was quiet and held my hand out she came over and pawed my hand and then she sniffed it. She is not too skinny and her eyes are clean. She has no collar. Maybe she has a home but just doesn't wear a collar. I just really worry that she is homeless and hungry and suffering.
    What should I do??
    1. Call an animal welfare shelter
    2. Ignore her
    3. Feed her

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    I know nothing about cats but just wanted to say what a beautiful Rottie you have

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    Leave out a little food if you like her and are prepared to keep her if she adopts you..
    Topdog collars (formerly Soverencraft.)

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    If it was me I wouldn't be feeding her whatsoever as you stated she doesn't appear to be skinny at all. Does she appear in ill-health or un-cared for in any way?

    I would be checking with neighbours to see if any own her or know who owns her. If she does stick around your place, I would then pop an ad in the local pare under the found section. They are usually free in all newspapers.
    If no luck there and you are willing to take her on, well that's your decision.

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    Our council has made stray cats illegal. They're all supposed to be microchipped come August too. Cats uninvited that my neighbours have not introduced to me as "my cat, let me know if it is where it shouldn't be" - I really hate. My dog chases them and digs up and eats their poo, not to mention the things they kill and eat, like wily wag tail babies, while the mice and rats play in peace.

    So I'm not a big fan of cats generally and if one was in my yard - I'd catch it, contain it and ring my council. If they didn't want it, I'd take it to the nearest shelter eg RSPCA.

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    I second what DA said...check with the neighbours to be sure it IS a stray before you start feeding it, there might be somebody out there wondering where their cat is. If it doesn't find food away from home, it might just go back where it came from. Failing that, put a found notice in the paper and see if you can coax it inside, that way if someone responds to the ad you'll have the cat there to identify and hopefully return.

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    I made the terrible mistake of feeding a puppy we found on our doorstep. Poor little thing couldn't have been more than 8 weeks old and it was late at night so the council wasn't open.

    We eventually found his owner and turns out he had a stomach problem and was supposed to only eat a special diet.

    I personally would catch the cat and take it to a shelter or vets to check for a microchip.

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