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Thread: American Pitbull + American Staffy Question

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    Default American Pitbull + American Staffy Question

    hello people im currently living in sydney and i currently own to beautiful dogs
    1) A american pitbull 3 years old
    2) A american staffy 2.5 years old

    my question is i heard they are both banned in sydney, is that true, if yes what happens if im caught with one, has anyone been caught with one or has any information.

    any help is greatfull

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    I can't answer your question but have one of my own....can one part of a state really ban an animal while they are still allowed in other parts. I would presume that banning them would have to be a statewide thing, not just restricted to particular towns.
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    The pitbull is a restricted breed in all of NSW. Have a look at this site: there is also a PDF brochure which give you the legal requirements for keeping one:

    Companion Animals Act - City of Sydney

    ETA - your amstaff needs to be ANKC registered to be officially labelled as separate from a pitbull - or it too can be classed as one and the same regs will apply.

    The only places in Australia where there are no restrictions on keeping pits is NT and ACT.

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    thank you for all your help, if i do get caught or see me walking my dog, what will they do to it? is it just a fine? or do they put it down?

    thanx for any help

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    It can be seized yes. The Council will serve what is called a Notice of Intent, to declare your dog a restricted breed.

    There is then a long and complicated process involved if you wish to have the dog returned and thus prevent it being put down. You can elect to have a breed identification done to have it reclassified as something other than a pit - not really likely if it is one... Or you can agree to comply with the requirements within a certain time frame, build the appropriate enclosure and abide by the regulations - must be muzzled at all times outside of that enclosure etc (even if just in the backyard!).

    It is pretty hard to comply with. But people can do it. Big fines apply for not registering your dog in the first place, owing a restricted breed and not complying and then down the track if you slip up and get caught out again. So getting caught while out walking can be an expensive and heartbreaking process.

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    Nattylou gets an A+ very good.

    There was a memer here called 'eviluncle' who went through the process of intnet through to breed ID. To bad he wont post here, as he could give a step by step account. I think he got fed up with all the total BS that alot of people come up with on here .

    Te best thing is to know is your rights under the due process of the companion animals act.

    Just look up DLG NSW and the companion animals act it sets it out step by step.

    And don't buy into forum histerics. you will just end up rolling your eyes at everything.
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    yes thankyou for your help much appreciated
    lol what isnt band in act, everythings legal
    thanx again

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    That's cause the politicians live there and they like the good life - lots of porn and unrestricted pets?? No fireworks anymore though.

    Thanks too Beau - I was hoping I got it right!!

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