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Thread: When Can a Bitch Become Pregnant?

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    Default When Can a Bitch Become Pregnant?

    Can anyone tell me when, during a season, a bitch can get pregnant. My breeder said there are only three days where this is possible.

    I'm not going to breed her, to the contrary I want to avoid it at all costs and she can't be desexed. She is locked in the house during the 3 weeks she's in season. I'm just curious because I foster pups and I've heard that they can get a bitch pregnant from a pretty young age. If I knew when the danger period was it would make life much easier.

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    It is possible any time during the 21 days, the optimum time is only a 3 day window.

    Same as people have an optimum time to get pregnant but it can happen any time during your cycle, even when you have your period (it is just much less likely)

    Males can be fertile from 6 months of age... it's not unheard of for a dog to father pups that young.

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    It depends on your bitch, once the eggs are released they are viable for about three days, however the male sperm lives longer so there is about a 5 day window where you girl can get pregnant...

    I've known bitches to be standing as early as day 8 and as late as day 18 ... so there is no exact science.... your vet can do an ovulation test, but it involves blood being taken every two days until your girl is ready...

    only way to avoid pregnancy is to keep them apart... you can use the dog as a guide he will let you know if he is intersted or not... you can also tell via the bitch when she's standing... but you will need some experience for this... never leave them alone not even for 10 seconds thats all it takes... lol...

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    Normally about 12 days after bleeding starts.

    If you are doing a mating with your own dog, you can generally bring them together each day and they are the best indicators.

    If you are taking the bitch to a male then it is often good to go to a vet where they will carry out a test.

    I separate for the entire 3 weeks. From the minute the male shows his first interest until he will listen and gives up when the bitch drives him off.

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    You could also put your bitch on the pill. Ask your vet.

    Why can't she be desexed? My dog was desexed at 8 weeks old.

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    I was going to ask the same thing Hyacinth but I thought this might be the dog with the heart problem?
    Anesthetic would probably be a no-go in that case.

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    I have known of males significantly younger than 6 months impregnating a bitch. Leave nothing to chance!

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    I would say she can't handle the general anaesthetics due to her heart condition!
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    Thanks for the replies, yes it's Molly with the heart problem, the vet has said they won't be desexing her as it's too risky. Getting pregnant is obviously very risky too so I appreciate your replies. I have also heard of pups getting bitches pregnant much younger than 6 months. The pups I take on are usually quite young (7-8 weeks) but if they remain in my care for a while there is a risk.

    When she had her first season she was sort of putting her butt toward me and her desexed male friend - is that what you mean by standing?

    I will keep them separated for the 3 weeks anyway given the above replies to be safe. Thought it might be easier if there was an exact timeframe but never mind.

    I will look into the pill too as I'm not sure if it has any side effects that may harm her.


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    It is really hard to pin down that exact time frame Mollinator as they are all individual. Like MAC says - normally 12 days from onset. I've known it as early as 6 and as late as 20. So it is a long waiting game. It's probably just best to presume for safety's sake that she is receptive anytime from when bleeding starts - it could be easier that way!

    And yep, I'd be very cautious with any male pup over three months, some can be very precocious!

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