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    Default The Report Button...

    is a button that any member can choose to push when they see a post they truly believe has violated forum rules and/or vBulletin policy.

    It is not to be used for ppl's personal complaints about another member. I do not want to hear about it via the report button if someone thinks a member is a know-it-all. Or an idiot. Or is acting in a superior manner. Or is at it again. or is...the list goes on, I'm sure you all get the point.

    The amount of posts reported over the past week is getting to be beyond a joke, seriously!

    Ppl report a post and state it's rude, yet when I look at it I honestly can't find one rude comment in there whatsoever that would or does violate rules and policy. Is it becoming a case of if you don't like someone you'll just report them, whether their post/s violate rules or not? I hope not. I sure hope personal opinion of someone doesn't come into it.

    Over the past week I strongly feel the report system has been abused. It's possibly unintentional, but is happening never-the-less. I therefore ask you all to think twice about what you are posting in the first place. Then make sure the reason/s you are pushing the report button are truly valid.


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    know-it-all. Or an idiot. Or is acting in a superior manner

    Ohh - I do all these things, sometimes all at once. Sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally.

    I agree just because you disagree with what someone said - doesn't make it "reportable".

    Personally I'd like to ban anyone who promotes or advocates or is deliberately back yard breeding or running a puppy mill or a pet shop that sells puppies... but I'm not sure it's forum policy so I don't report the posts. I'm pretty sure DA likes these people as much as I do and she'd read their post too so if it was bannable they'd be banned.

    Sometimes it's an opportunity to educate people.

    Anyone who thinks my posts are over the top or could be rephrased in a more egalitarian fashion or with smaller words - feel free to post your opinion in a reply or even a PM. Sometimes I haven't noticed and it helps to know.

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