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Thread: Grrr....BYB'S!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Di_dee1 View Post
    DD..designer dogs.
    To me the difference is a puppy farmer breeds willy nilly in great quantity and in abysmal conditions a huge amount of puppeies for profit and to feed the public with those cute little irresistible pups. A back yard breeder to me is a person who just breeds to let the bitch have a litter and who thinks crossing A with B is just fine. Another woeful excuse I have heard for doing it is to let the kids have the experience of seeing birth and puppies, kittens etc. They also mostly never care what situations these puppies given away or sold will be going into.
    I guess their sign is correct then by maybe they should add "but we do support puppy farmers" at the bottom in small print

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    Spot on! 'Customers can be assured all our breeders are in it for the money'

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    I know some reputable breeders advertise in local newspapers... that's fine by me, they can still screen homes.
    But NO reputable breeder, or any breeder with morals for that matter would sell via a pet shop.

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    I think if you want to stop this, you need to write your local state or federal representative.

    JTDNTB - I'd start by writing to Nick Zenephon (scuse spelling) tell him briefly why it is bad -and ask him how you can get it stopped. Cite the myer centre pet shop in teh food court of all unhygienic places, and pets paradise in rundle mall and the pet shop in Harris Scarfs as examples. And use the RSPCA info - not that I agree with everything they say, as back up.

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    RSPCA have launched a national campaign to ban puppy farms so they may have some contacts available on their website of relevant contacts.

    And yes MAC, the Burke is largely considered the driving force behind the DD revolution.

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    It depends on the puppy farm I think.
    I know a "kennel" who has produced over 800 puppies in the past 10 years (mixed breeds) and they are a registered business so it's all legal.

    People in Tassie would know who it is.

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    Ooh? That's not the ruddy Labradoodle farm is it?

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    Sad isn't it? Farming dogs isn't illegal, as long as minimum standards of care are met - food, water, shelter. They are considered like any other domestic animal, and intensive farming isn't illegal either.

    Some puppy farms are like chicken battery farms for dogs. But again, if they have food, water, a roof, basic health attention if sick and cleanliness the law doesn't have anything against that.

    The trouble is that all too many don't even meet those bare minumum standards, let alone providing socialising, healthcare and stimulation. Putrid conditions, basket-case dogs and puppies with genetic and long term conditions are all too common.

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    Certainly is DA, I e-mailed them a while back asking about health testing, they dodged most of my questions, then when I replied asking for answers they never wrote back.

    On the advert (yes, they advertise on television) the dogs are in bare dirt pens with plastic kids cubby houses in them.
    I don't doubt it meets the minimum standards but it's not a nice life to be living.

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    I wonder if this is the same Tasmanian establishment I looked up only to find that they have many, many litters each year? Very scary stuff! I left their site faster than I got there.

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