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    Default Arnt Dogs Amazing...

    1st of all, im just apologising to those i offended last friday..

    Moving on..

    Yesterday (Sunday)

    I was working out at the farm, about 10 mins before leaving a HUGE billy goat had got him self caught in between the boundary fence and a pump out pit fence (very narrow).. I managed to drag/help him over the fence..

    So now im standing on the edge of this pump out pit with an angry billy goat (he had a reputation for ramming people) He tried a few times to ram me but i detered him with some yelling, but he wasnt budging, he wouldnt let me leave.. The commotion got "Toby" the cattle dog's attention and he came running to the rescue, as soon as i saw Toby i yelled "get up him Toby, come on"!!! And without blinking he was up in this huge billy's face, the billy was was up on his backlegs trying to ram him I yelled again "Come on Toby, get up him" Toby ran around and gave him a nip on the back leg and the billy was off, Toby chased him away into the next paddock...

    Now toby has had no herding training what so ever.. he was just the old farmers companion.. that caught the odd rat here and there..
    Its truely amazing the potential of our four legged friends when a human is in danger.
    I definetly have a new found respect for Toby.. haha
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    He's a Blue Heeler! Its in his blood!
    They are such a great species; the dog
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    i was definetly impressed
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    another dog story...

    I pass a paddock of about 10 acres where there is this beautiful pony.. This pony I would say is quite safe in his paddock as he has his own personal GSD Guarding him..
    Everywhere the pony goes, the GSD is within 20 foot and watching over him...
    Never seen a dog that was so loyal to a horse !! When it comes to feeding time, they eat together.. If you want the GSD to come , you need to call the pony to come because the dog will not leave the pony on his own...  14

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    Oh that is wonderful!!!

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    Awww Mitt that is beautiful. Now thats true best friends.

    BlackLex that is amazing. I thought dogs like that only existed in movies. Well done Toby.
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