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Thread: Momo's Pregnancy

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    Oh! I meant to add that pictures and video will be up on Thursday. ^^ With this paycheck--and the help of my mother--I'm going to be getting a brand new--very good--digital camera with HD video.

    Since I'm going to be a photographer when I finish school this is going to be my first camera that I'm truly going to try to use in an artistic way, using my animals and home as subjects.

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    using a calendar... start at 17th april, count 10 days... that will be around the time he would have tried to start mating her... then count 63 days that is when the pups will be due... give or take a week either side...

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    EDITED: Alright, as I have been informed about my first post some people might wonder why I left them alone. I will explain so I don't get any more questions concerning the conception of these pups. Jesus, it's getting old everyone.

    I got Momo on April 17th, and her and Kavik were introduced then. I also gave her being inside by herself a trial run that day. I ended up with a destroyed living room, dining room, and kitchen. So I put her outside with Kavik and Bella. They did fine, though Kavik tried to do his thing. She wouldn't let him. I planned for him being castrated on May 2nd, and had it done then. Momo was scheduled to be desexed that day too, but as I had seen blood on her female part while I was playing with them outside a few days before the date, and I told the vet and they said to wait until she was out of heat. So I was like, okay, and decided to wait a little while until I was sure she was out of heat. By then she was showing signs of pregnancy.

    I thought he had done no damage until Momo started to show signs of pregnancy. Then came the problem. Now she's pregnant and going to have puppies. Anymore questions?

    EDIT #2: Thanks, Kimbastaff. ^^ That will leave her around the very start of July/End of June, which is what I had originally been planning for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KavikAlphaWolf View Post
    Anymore questions?
    Uhhh... Why didn't you put her in a crate?

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    Because I didn't currently have one.

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    Dare i ask... why didn't you buy one? They are important tool in dog training. Whether you have a b*tch in season or not.
    Mine sleep in their crates at night and they are great for protecting my furniture if I have to go out during the day.

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    Not everyone likes or uses crates. I never have.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    I don't believe Momo would have been good in a crate since she's such a high energy dog. I used to use one for my old Pit Bull mix, but she didn't like it one bit, and I've never really given them much thought since. Honestly it didn't come to mind at the time.

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    Ive never owned a crate! Never needed one until recently...on the look out for one now.

    Crested TBH I think you need to back off aye. There is a difference between educating someone and ramming your beliefs/morals down there throats.

    Whats done is done! Let get on with this being a happy thread about updates and advice on the pregnancy.

    If you dont agree with whats happened why dont you just step out of the thread? Didnt think it was that hard!

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    Crested mate, you won't get thru, I see very plainly where you are coming from - when you have entire animals and one is in season you do invest in a crate or an enclosed dog run or whatever it takes, there are no other options and you have to not care if the dog doesn't like it. Even a dog very used to a crate will act like it's never been in one before when it comes to seasons.

    But Crested the horse has bolted and you won't change peoples thoughts if you wish to discuss it there is another thread.

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