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Thread: Momo's Pregnancy

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    I think if someone who had every intention of having their dogs desexed and circumstances prevented it, the bitch gets pregnant and the owner is willing to care about this then they deserve thanks. Even breeders can have oops litters and they are the experts. Yes there are loads of dogs in shelters and being PTS every day but if an accidental pregnancy happens and the owner cares about dogs as much as me then I say lay off them and say thank you.

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    Look, everyone. I didn't make this thread so we could argue over how good or bad Momo's pregnancy is, nor did I make it so that we could debate about shelters and animals being put to sleep. I appreciate everyone who is trying to help me, I'm glad that there are people on my side, but to the people who are bent on making me feel bad about this litter please stop. It's not going to change my mind of how happy I am for this litter.

    I am very aware of how many animals are put to sleep every year. I'm very aware of how many animals are unwanted and put in shelters. And I'm also very aware that this litter isn't helping anything. But while I care about all of that--quite a bit--my girl is going to have those puppies.

    I considered abortion at the beginning when I knew she was pregnant, but decided against it because I already had people who would be interested in her puppies. So I figured I'd let her have the litter anyway since I had the money and place to care for her and her babies.

    Bottom line, this is not a debate thread. It's an update thread for Momo's pregnancy. I'd appreciate it if everyone stopped fighting over these issues and just let it go.

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    Yeah sure, even reputable breeders can have an accident, sometimes even brother/sister or father/daughter, but there is a little injection known as a misalignment injection which is made for a reason.

    To each their own, but I'm sticking by my belief that no thanks or praise should be given to mutt breeders. Give them the advice they need, be helpful, but don't put them up on a pedestal and make them think that what they are doing (or DIDN'T do) is alright.

    EDIT - Left the screen up too long while I was typing, Kaviks post got in before mine.

    It's just sad is all, that this could have been prevented or stopped so easily.
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    Unfortunately it wasn't. The puppies will be born, and GOOD on Kavik for doing the best he or she can. The message has been delivered over and over now, I think they get the point. It's ridiculous how much flak people are getting today.

    Step away from the computer imo, and keep further negativity to yourselves?

    Jeeze >.< Did Di get as much crap as Kavik is getting now? Or are people just more volatile today?

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    Can we have more photos??

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    I will be getting some more just as soon as I can.

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    yes more photos please

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    Yikes! You're up as late as me?? I'd best get to bed... Don't know about your time difference tho' Kavik.

    Will be waiting on pics of your gorgeous dogs. Give them a goodnight hug from me.

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    It's just the morning here. I just got up a few hours ago.

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    One more post to clarify something then I'll step out, Kav has asked this not to be a fight.

    Crested: people are not saying "good on you" for the pregnancy. What we're saying is good on you for seeking information and trying to make things go as smoothly as possible for Momo and her pups.

    She's already been lectured thoroughly in another post, this one was set up for the express purpose of watching the progress of Momo's pregnancy and I believe she didn't let Momo get pregnant on purpose, nor does she have the intention of letting it happen again.

    I think the point has been made and there comes a time when we should move on. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but a drawn-out guilt trip is not constructive.

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