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Thread: Pets As Therapy

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    I gotta say Sharoo, that Kimba's face is one in a million. Just the look on her face in your siggy makes me feel calmer and want to go Awwww! Lol.

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    Hey Sharoo, nice to have you around again

    I would love to do the pet partner course too, but we need quite a bit more training before we are ready. Ziggy gets still way to excited when someone comes to cuddle her... I found this video on you tube from the Delta Society which runs the pet partners program on the assessment of the dog. It shows what behaviours are expected in certain situation.

    YouTube - Delta Pet Partners - Dog Evaluation Procedures

    Even if you approach nursing homes etc. directly, the video might give you an idea if there are areas where Kimba might need a bit more training (or not).

    Let us know how you and Kimba go!

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    I think what you're doing is great!

    I know that down here (tas) there is a few nursing homes that have resident pets and 4-legged visitors. But there is also a 'Break-out' house for 15-25 yr olds with mental illness, where they have visits from dogs.

    Personally i think animals as therapy is a great idea, when i was a teenager i was having diffculties with depression and found hat being around horses helped me heaps. Later on the depression returned and now i try to spend as much time as i can with Peggy. She (and all animals) have an uncanny way of making everything that isn't right in life go away.

    Goodluck with it and keeps us posted on how you go

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    our dog club in conjunction with the golden retriever club of sa run ads for pets as therapy or community visitors scheme or caring canine companions.

    the website is Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Golden Retriever Club of South Australia

    Which seems to be slightly broken at the moment
    but available through the "wayback machine"

    Their phone number is 1800 077 722

    I couldn't find any links to interstate organisations but they might know some or you can feed the keywords to google.

    Assessment guidelines

    manual evaluation page

    And there is something about before you visit - which involves giving your dog a bath, so it better be happy about that too.

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    I did Delta Pets As Therapy with Atlas, didnt cost anything, i went and he was Temp tested and allowed to go into homes

    I would love to do it again, but wont ever touch Delta again. My cat goes into grandpops nursing home from time to time, the oldies love it
    I am doing Relay For Life in 2011, please contact me to make a donation

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    Lovely idea Sharoo, I have a friend who takes her pigdog to see handicapped people when she can spare the time, they love the dog and he is very gentle around them, they live away from the City so I doubt she did any special course with him before taking him, he has also done a fair bit of personal protection work but never at any time has he been anything but gentle and considerate around handicapped folk, and has bought a rare smile to the face of a severely handicapped lad in a wheel chair, any effort you do go to in order to get your dog around people in homes of any sort will be well worth your while I am sure.

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    Sharoo, hope you can work out some way to be involved with pets for therapy without having to spend a fortune.
    It is a lovely thing to do!

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