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    I really do hope know the errors of your way.....

    If her diet is a good quality kibble, then I would say adding extra calcium supplements would be dangerous, but considering she is a baby herself and still growing herself(well, not anymore, growing and matureing will now stop), the extra calcium would be necessary.

    X-rays(also known as radiographs) are not bad for the pups. Its used to detect abnormal amounts of fluid or organ enlargments after the 45th day of pregnancy.

    As she gets further through the pregnancy, we can fill you in on info needed at that particular time, cause there are plenty of things to take into consideration.
    Breeding is much harder than it seems!

    Please start saving money, there are plenty of hereditory problems that can go wrong including 3 joints and hip conditions, 5 possible eye conditions, epilepsy, deafness, allergies, heart conditions plus more I can't think of right now. Oh, and emergency C-sections. My favourite one to share that I have been involved with. $7,000 for a C-section to have all but one puppy die. Registered, responsible, planned pregnancy. Beautiful dogs, beautiful owners, did everything 100% correct, and things still can go wrong.
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    Yep. An XRay is ok, I even had one during one of my own pregnancies to check a pelvic issue. You wouldn't go doing a stack of them but one is ok after the initial development stage, when the pups are just growing and maturing.

    Be very careful with supplementing calcium. Supplementing during pregnancy can lead to pre-enclampsia or enclampsia, and cause birthing difficulties. Many breeders dose on oral calcium liquid DURING labour, only after the first delivery, to help things along.

    She's probably best off switching to a high grade puppy food for the last three or four weeks of the pregnancy, or earlier if you think she is still growing herself or if she is looking large and really full of pups.

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    Sadly, I have a "feeling" that the OP is one of these "trolls" that I've heard about. I'd prefer to be proven wrong though ....

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    An Xray to determine the amount of puppies will only work once the puppies bones are calcified enough to show up, ie the last 10 days (if my memory is correct) my vet would only recommend that we do an xray in the last week...

    Worm your bitch at about a month to go...

    Increase diet in last three weeks, I then switch to twice a day feeding... if they are having a big litter there isn't a lot of room for too much food at once...

    As someone mentioned have lots of cash on standby an emergency c-section can cost heaps and they are usualy needed in the middle of the night...

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    In a nutshell, pretty was fed puppy kibble the last few weeks and till after the pups were weaned, NO patented calcium supplements. She was also fed twice a day some raw, either chicken wings, beef, lamb, minced chicken carcass. This was also supplemented a couple of times a week with raw egg in her dry food or sardines or puppy formula. Puppy formula needs to be on hand, with bottles in case you have to supplement if she rejects them or harms them. This did not happen with me.
    She had free access to as much or little exercise as she wanted as we live on a farm and they are never walked, provide their own exercise.

    I was worried there would be problems as she was so young but she gave birth easily.
    Watch discharge after birth for a change in smell or colour. If she is straining with a pup for 2 hours (my vet's recommendation) she needs to be seen by a vet ASAP.

    They need a whelping box, so much to learn. I did it by google and dog forum posts.

    Mine are now 7 months old. I kept two. The other two found good homes. I lost 2 early on and that could have been avoided. You can see it all in the thread I posted earlier.

    The most important thing is desexing her afterwards, as well as your male. Some have been known to come into season as soon as 4 months after birth, pretty was about 5 months I think. Her appointment had to be postponed as there can be bleeding problems and my vet does not recommend it done during this time.
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    Thanks everyone for all the helpful advice. ^^ It's nice to get some good quality tips from people who have bred dogs before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSDs4Ever View Post
    Sadly, I have a "feeling" that the OP is one of these "trolls" that I've heard about. I'd prefer to be proven wrong though ....

    Same here GSD....

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    What do you mean, GSD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KavikAlphaWolf View Post
    What do you mean, GSD?
    What you post over time will tell mate. This forum has been inundated by people with the express intention of causing havoc & generally hurting people for their own "viewing pleasure". If I am wrong about you, I sincerely apologise & welcome your continued participation on this forum.

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    Ah, well... no, I'm not here to cause trouble. XD; I just was looking for some friends and some advice.

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