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    Just wondering if anyone here has a Beaglier and if so, please tell me a bit about them. What is their temperament like, etc, etc

    Thank you

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    I'm guessing thats a cross between a Beagle and a Cavalier ?

    Never seen one ( I think ).  14

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    I don't think there's any on here. But a cross bred like this usually doesn't have a typical temperament. They can be anything like either contributing breed, or like something else altogether. They often get marketed as the "best of both breeds" but they can be any combination, including the worst of both.

    If you look up the general temperament expected from a Cavalier, and the same from a Beagle, you can get anything and everything from both.

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    before you decide to get a "beaglier", please do some reseach on puppy mills or farms because that's where designer breeds like that come from. Also avoid buying a puppy or kitten from a petshop or from newspaper or internet ads that don't belong to ANKC member breeders or rescue organisations.

    I think it's best to get a dog or puppy from RSPCA, Animal Welfare League or rescue organisations - dogs and puppies often listed on

    How do I avoid supporting puppy farms? - RSPCA Australia knowledgebase

    If you want to get a puppy or dog of known or relatively predictable temperment, get a pure bred dog from a registered breeder, make sure you see the paperwork that clears them of known genetic faults in the breed eg hip displasia in Labradors, make sure you meet the puppy's parents especially the mother, and make sure you get in writing from the breeder that they will take the puppy back if it isn't what you wanted. The best breeders will take puppies back rather than have them end up in the pound or worse.

    If you want to know what pure bred dog would best suit your lifestyle, try this quiz.
    Matchup: Your dream dog | Dog Time

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    I've never heard of that cross, so I googled it and found this photo:

    Is it just me or does this pup look cute and a little weird at the same time? It might just be me...

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    Doesn't appeal to me I'm afraid!!

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    That pup looks plain weird to me

    Lots of people have mutts, if thats what you are asking, temperments different from mutt to mutt

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    Beaglier ........ what an odd looking dog

    Wonder what the backyard breeders excuses are for cross breeding a Beagle & Cavalier are !!!!!!!!
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    I saw one the other day actually. And it looked nothing like that dog Liza posted.

    The one I saw was quite ugly. Basically looked like a beagle with a small cavalier-like head.

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    The chances of getting the best traits compared to getting the worst traits are very low. Please, either go Beagle, Cavalier or go check out your local shelter.
    'Beaglier' is just a made up name to make a mutt sound more desirable.
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