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    Default a pure breed it is not

    Quote Originally Posted by Pinkest View Post
    A Beaglier? There is no way that is not someone trying to pass off a Heinz Special as something it's not - a genuine breed.

    I'm pretty sure the only genuine breed recognized from mixing is the Labradoodle, and that came after a LOT of years and money spent on behalf of the breeders/initiators of the new lines... anything else is just Champagne Taste on Beer Income.

    Mixed breeds are just that - mixed breeds. You won't be the owner of some new whizz-bang niche breed -you will be the owner of a Beagle X Cavalier - with no guarantees that it will look, behave, or live, like it's genetic ancestors.

    And to Harley10, a big "thank you" for illustrating the above point. Four dogs, apparently of the same "Special" breed, and they are all different.

    Yep, sounds like a real breed of nonsense to me.
    Hi Pinkest,

    Your welcome.
    I think your missing the point - if I want a dog that might look, behave and live like its ancestors well of course I'll get a pure bred but again it doesn't guarantee me that does it? the idea is to get traits of each. for example our beagliers parents both come from pure Beagle mums with pure Cav dads (and to clarify - each came from different `breeders' in different states) and the difference in them is because in both cases the Cavs were of different colours, sizes etc. You will therefore notice the stronger beagle look. however do it the other way (mum a cav) and you would probably get a Cav looking one. As to the puppies, these are 2nd generation ones so of course the result is the stronger chances of the fluffier one (hence the picture)
    As for the pure bred, I grew up with a couple of beautiful German Shepherds (real dogs!) from a pedigree line of police breed, with papers, history etc and yet from the same litter the male was a huge long haired one (I have never met one as big yet) while the girl was a short haired, smaller one with two very different personalities - go figure!

    As for the "for your enjoyment" - that is for those who appreciate dogs & puppies for what they are - beautiful cuddly beings irrespective of colour, race or creed - sorry i meant breed

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    Oh I really need to stay away from this one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mouseandchicken View Post
    Oh I really need to stay away from this one.

    I think i do too from now on... or i will loose it for sure....


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    I'm sympathetic to people that have accidental litters and are then trying to make the best of the situation. Deliberately producing useless "breeds" that will likely end up in the pound anyway (if they first haven't been sent to the vet for a myriad of health conditions), is just wrong.

    Harley, I hope you can offer support when future buyers come back asking why their dog has an avoidable disease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Sorry to pick on you Pinkest, but this is something very close to my heart being a poodle owner...

    The Labradoodle is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a breed!
    Many puppy farms claim they are and even have their own made up breed standard but they are not a breed.

    The original breeder of Labradoodles did so for his mother to produce an allergy friendly seeing eye dog. After a few generations he realized that it was just impossible.. the dogs just turned out too different with each generation and ended up nothing like he had intended.
    He dropped the project.

    Backyard breeders use this story all the time, they just happen to leave out the "he failed" part of the story.

    Other than that I completely agree with you
    No, no, I had always worked on the premise that the breed had in fact been recognised... glad to be corrected at last! Thanks!

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    Pretty sure Labradoodles were created by Wally Cochran, Royal Society for Blind in Victoria Australia - in an attempt to create an allergy free (relatively) guide dog. And the project has since been abandoned because it was too hard to get an allergy free dog from the cross. Sometimes they'd get one, sometimes they'd get none.

    Labradoodle websites still tell this story as if all the puppies are allergy free - which is not true. These websites also refer to the dog as a "new breed" - cos everybody wants the latest "new" thing.

    I don't know why they couldn't have trained standard poodles to be guide dogs. They're smarter than Labradors as best I can tell.

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    It's a common myth Pinkest, I just tear my hair out very time I hear it.. spread the word .

    And yep... I'm staying away from this OP to, I can see a big fight heading in my direction if I comment, but I certainly echo Floyds post!!!

    EDIT - Hyacinth, it beats me too... Standard poodles are smart, but I think they said they were too 'energetic' to be guide dogs. What a load of bull. Probably came up with something like the grooming requirements were too high as well... Labradoodles have quite possibly the hardest coat to groom out of all the 'breeds' I know several groomers who refuse to do them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post

    I hope you understand what it means to support puppy mills and I hope you understand that there is no guarantee with a cross that you or anyone else will get the best of both worlds and not the worst or something in between which may or many not meet the needs.

    If you want a bitza dog of known temperment, check out the adult dogs at petrescue. Pick the friendly dog that likes food treats and you're set.
    Hi Hyacinth,

    Firstly, i dont think it is fair to automatically assume that because you have a mixed `breed' you are supporting puppy mills (which we definetly dont). On the contrary research has found that there are many `pure bred' puppies coming out of these mills and being sold as `breed' dogs.

    Ultimately, th responsibility always comes back to the buyer - do your research - where are the puppies coming from, what is the quality of life of the parents, their living enviroment, how many litters has the dame had? - these are questions you need to ask of any breeder- pure or mixed- whether they are recognised or your backyard mum & dad.

    As for understanding the guarantee, and as stated before, I agree with you here, there is no guarantee in any breeding of puppies - mixed or pure - ask any top breeder - its genetics and the game of probability.

    Basically, what i am trying to say is that we have found that this mix/breed is one that ticks the boxes for what we wanted in a dog - they are part of our family and the joy we have had from our two we have tried to share with others.

    (incase anyone is wondering - no we are not regular breeders as such - we always intended to let our girl have one litter (and she is has been a wonderful loving mum) and only gave her another litter -in due time, after the positive feedback we recieved from the first lot - you know - share the love!!

    "Sad but true, we can never control how or why people do what they do"

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    By the way, thanks to the web guys for your Purebred & Crossbreed Dog Forum - it is very informative, helpful and a great place to discuss with other dog lovers.

    thanks again

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    Oh dear. AF, you were sadly right.

    Back onto Labradoodles... As far as I know too the guy who originally started it has issued a fomal apology for the apparent crossbreeding craze and subsequent massive welfare issues that it seems to have lead to. Poor guy, he did have a nice thought, but who could've guessed where it would lead...

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