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Thread: Phew, Caught a Tic (or Two!)

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    Default Phew, Caught a Tic (or Two!)

    Choosing tic and flea products has been driving me crazy for the past couple of weeks, and now, just to cement the need that I need to get my act together, I found a lump on pup's underbelly!

    It was very, very tiny but I took him in anyway, just in case it was a tic. The vet nurse said it wasn't but to talk to a vet anyway to see what it is so I sat around feeling like a silly, hyper-vigilant puppy parent. Turns out the nurse was wrong - it was a tic. And they found another one in the corner of his eye!! Both were dying and they weren't paralysis, but still!

    Although, on a positive note, we had the other small animal vet to his usual and was so, so happy with her! She was very lovely. Adored Master Puppy and kept stretching out the appointment to hug and pat him. Asked lots and lots of questions about where he came from (and then said our breeder must be doing something right as J. is pretty damn impeccable), our future plans for him and discussed all sorts of basic puppy bits and pieces - checked his new teeth and talked about projected weight gain and exercise needs. And reassured us about his dandruff - was getting worried about that.

    But bloody parasites - they're driving me insane (well, combined with the huge array of products) and he's only 5 months old! Dealing with them for the rest of his life will not be fun! I find it takes forever to pore through his thick coat to even see a scrap of skin, let alone a comprehensive search - does anyone have any handy hints for the daily check?

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    we walk in bush every day- its hard to check. I use frontline/advocate stuff every month and then a tick collar as well. I try to at least check the face/ears and neck area most days, often the rest of the body does not get as close attention.

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    Coincidentally, I did actually just start him on Frontline the day before yesterday, although, as the vet pointed out, it wouldn't have spread down to his leg yet.

    He had a tick collar but it got taken off after a week because the smell was just unbearable. I think I'll have to suck it up and pop a new one on.

    Is it alright to have Frontline and a tick collar on simultaneously? He'll be starting on the Sentinel heartworm chews next month as well, which also cover fleas, I believe. Is it harmful to have that much pest preventative on - or a case of better safe than sorry?

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    I know a lot of pensioners that will put the tick collar on at the start of the 3rd week of the Frontline/Advantix, it stretches their budget.

    Around here Frontline/Advantix does not work on long coated dogs, it does work on the Whippets.

    Gemma has 11 tumors, these are in the tissue surrounding the hair follicle, I've asked two vets if they think there is a connect between the amount of chemical she has to have on her due to ticks and both said No.

    + the tumors are not dangerous unless they rupture, the ticks would take her out before then.

    I let the collar air for one day before I put it on the dog. It does take sometime to get used to and settle down, but I believe Gemma would not be here today without it.

    The other products, sentinel and such, does not kill adult fleas, but if you have fleas under control and use this product then it is doubtful you will get a problem.

    When I just had Gemma she was also on this product.

    I guess you just have to weigh up what you find more dangerous, here it is the ticks. There is a chart in the vets office that shows how many tick cases they treat a week and they don't count the ones where they just remove the tick for the owner they only count the ones where treatment has been needed.

    The other week when I was in the number was 9.

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    I am passionately hating ticks after the last few weeks!
    My daughter got one just above her eye & I tried to pull it out but broke it
    We went to the hospital & the dr flicked the rest of it out with a needle! So lucky she sat super still!!

    Then last Thursday I got a tiny grass tick just under my pantyline on the front of my leg. I had scratched it before realising so must have aggrivated it. I pulled it out and went to bed.

    Next morning I had a red mark around it the size a a 50c coin. By that afternoon it was palm sized so went into the hospital. They gave me antihistamines & antibiotics. Sat night the mark was bigger than my hand so went to hospital again.

    This time I had to have a cannula put in my hand and have a mass dose of antibiotics once a day. I had the nurse come to my house everyday to do it.
    I was also told to stay in bed, the more I walked around the worse it would get. The only part he didn't suggest was where I was supposed to fit being a single mum to a 3 & 4 year old around that! lol

    Luckily its all better now.

    As for your dog, I would look for signs something is wrong. Research tick bite symptoms, ticks are extremely itchy!
    I'm not really an expert on long haired dogs but I'd def try to establish a pleasant grooming routine to make it as easy as you can to search his fur.
    Kimba wouldn't care if I checked her for fleas and ticks all

    I find if you 'massage feel' your dog you can learn to notice small lumps & bumps.

    Kimba currently has no flea or tick treament. Her fur is too short for fleas to live in and I check her daily for ticks & have never found any..

    There's also a natural dog wash that is supposed to repel ticks. I'll have a look for the bottle. I should probably be washing with it! lol

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