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Thread: Dog Fence-jumping Contests

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    Hi guys,

    I saw this video on this morning, what do you think of it?

    Video -

    The general gist is that these are fence-jumping contests for dog, with some dogs jumping/climbing a vertical fence more than 9 feet high! It looks like fun and the dogs seem to love it, but do you think this doing this repeatedly might cause damage to their joints/legs? I'd love to try something like this with Keeda if it isn't dangerous.

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    Marnie already does this, no training required! I wouldn't want to encourage her though

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    Can't get video to work

    Dogs can injure themselves jumping off the couch or the bed. It's always a risk.

    I know a whippet that won the Naracourte dog high jump. Beat kelpies and GSDs and other farm dogs, with a standing jump into owner's arms - who was standing on the back of a ute behind the jump. Ie they jump up and owner gets to catch them, and handler (friend of owner) can catch dog if it fails to make the height.

    Of course the handler risks injury too.

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    Not something I want to encourage in Ziggy, our fence is only 6ft!

    It might cause damage, I think it depends on the size and weight of your dog. Perhaps talk to a vet.

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    Oh Hyacinth, you bring up a great point about injuries when jumping OFF the fence - in the video they actually have a ute on the back with stuff on top of it as well, and a person to make sure the dog makes it over the other side ok. So they dog doesn't actually drop that whole way on the way down after climbing/jumping the height.

    Heheh my worry would be encouraging Keeda to jump our fence in the yard as well. I wouldn't want her to start showing up in neighbors' backyards.

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    I noticed in the video one guy catching his border collie when it didnt make it up and over, but as said this could be dangerous to the owner/catcher..

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    No worries Liza. These dogs on the video are highly trained are have taken enough vitamins before that dog fence contest.

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