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Thread: Booked in for Friday!

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    Gag - Haha! Your onto me! It's true! I am the one who needs the cuddles and OH is at work so it's just me and Poppy at home tonight! I will be okay though!

    Di - that's good to know! I will try my hardest to stop the jumping but I know it will be hard! It's her thing, she wants to be on the couch with us! Will just have to out her up and down before she gets a chance to do it herself!

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    Hoping both u and Poppy have a good sleep this evening. After Poppy's trip to the vets,and your stress,i would imagine you both passing out and sleeping like babies lol.

    Hope tomorrow brings with it more ease in that all did go well,and that Poppy recovers a lot quicker than yourself She sounds like she is doing fine.

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    Haha! Thanks Red!

    She is still sleeping! She stirred about 30mins ago, had a few laps of water that I had put at the door or her crate. Then she managed to get out of the crate and walked a few steps. I was sitting on the floor with her and had my hands on her most of the time. As she walked just out of reach I had to let go and she wobbled very badly! Think a stumbling drunk! I wentto pick her up and she cried so I felt bad and let her go again. Then just said "Poppy, in your bed" which is her usual command and she stumbled back into her crate and went to sleep again!

    I'm thinking of going to bed soon. Not going to take her out or anything. If I have to get up in the early hours of the morning that's okay. She's only had a tiny bit of water. None since this time last night, just the few laps. But I guess that's okay. It's better than nothing!

    Will be sure to update tomorrow! Ni night!

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    The first night is the worst but it sounds like you are through the worst of it!!! By 5pm tomorrow you will feel so much better!!! OOps just realised I hadn't mentioned the puppy that actually had the surgery!! How is Poppy? I was just like you so nervous, guilty and scared but I survived and so did my puppy!!!

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    Thanks Iscot! Liken everyone said she was probably doing better than I was last night!

    She whined in her crate at 10.30pm last night so I let her out and she very wobbly walked to the back door so I let her out and she did a wee! Then we went back to bed! At 6am this morning she whined again but I think it was a hunger whine! She didn't seem to want to wee or poo so I gave her a tiny bit of dry food with warm water and we went back to bed! She's just stirred again and same thing, just hungry I think! So she had another tiny amount and a drink of water and is now getting cuddles on the bed!

    She has tried to jump (put her paws up) twice and cried each time so I'm hoping she realizes she can't do that! I might try and put her back in her crate soon so I can have a sleep in! Lol!

    Question - would they have tatooed her ear to indicate she is desexed? There's a mark on there, well more like a dotted symbol?

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    The tattoo they normally do during or just after the operation,this is done in a green ink and while your baby was asleep still and couldnt feel anything. In animals with pale ears it does look a bit of a mess but thats the excess ink which wears off with a little time,just leaving the dots and a circle type thing around it. Sorry has been a while since i did work experience and voluntary work at a vets.

    Glad to hear that the night went well.

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    Good to hear, Amy.

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    It's always more scary for us than the fur kids. As everyone else has said she will be fine, and in a couple of days you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

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    Thanks Red! It's a circle with a line through it. But a dotted circle if that makes sense!

    Her scar looks a bit rough to be honest. Like the skin is bulging a tiny bit in between one two of the actual stitches bit it's been like that since I got her home so I know it's not a problem. Just they way they sewed her up!

    She has tried to jump a few times today and has manger to jump on the bed but hasn't tried or jumped since then! She had a bone around 9.30am and has been snoozing at our feet since then! She's been going out to toilet and seems much brighter today just still drowsy I guess!

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    Its good she is going ok

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