Hi Aussiemyf

Each new situation - assume you're starting from scratch again. Pick up of commands in the new context might be a lot quicker but as far as dog is concerned - this is somewhere new, and we start over.

A bit like driving on bitumen then switching to dirt, then sand. The basics are not quite the same and need learning over again. Different things need attention or new distraction proofing.

I watched several dogs with a whole bunch of fancy letters after their names for obedience/agility title wins, completely fail to do what they were told on Sunday at herding. Sheep gimme sheep sheep... same with obedience champs at agility - jump - gimme jump - here I go, what weave? I like jumping, byeeeee....

And don't get me started on the attraction of possum poo.

So yeah, I'd give no extra attention for the crawly grovelly behaviour. She's just trying to get you to not-yell at her. But if you pat her, you encourage it. I've got the crawl and roll over all encouraged for Frosty greeting. And everyone goes - your dog is so submissive, and I say she's non-threatening friendly but she doesn't always do what I tell her. Submissive? Not. Grovelly yes. Not quite the same. Worth encouraging in the greeting context because people and dogs aren't scared/threatened by that approach.