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Thread: Fear of Riding in the Ute Front or Back

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    It took a good few months to get lex to jump into the ute.. even when i threw his favourite toy in there he would sulk and try and find a diffrent way into the tray..

    He got into the habbit of putting his front paws on the tailgate and id lift him up.. untill one day i got him real excited and i ran towards the ute with him on a lead and he jumped stright up.. from there i think he realised he could do it him self and he did it everytime after that date..

    Bugger still wants to jump in, even after his accident...
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    Hmmm, turned down a steak, this is a very big fear.

    So slowly slowly does it. Good high value treats next to the car, treat for foot on tail gait, treat for so much as looking at the car etc, feed daily meals next to car.

    Get in the car with him, look for the slightest positive change, treat and hop out of car.

    Since my dog had to go in the car to go to dog shows I gave her Stemetil and several trips combined with some work while the car was in the garage finally got her to the stage where she likes the ute and trailer and tolerates the other car.

    My ute has a rubber mat that gives the dogs good footing and a hessian padded mat for comfort.

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