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Thread: Winter Coat or Adult Coat?

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    Default Winter Coat or Adult Coat?

    Poppy's coat is changing but I'm wondering if its her winter coat coming in, her adult coat coming in or a combinabtion of the both?

    Its getting all wispy around her tail, neck and chest.

    What do you think?

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    How old is she now?
    I find the texture of the coat doesn't change, just the thickness and coulour.
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    She 6 months Myf.

    Its getting more like a true cavalier coat, all wavy.

    It did change texture though. She was all soft and fluffy and now her coat its a bit more like adult doggy hair.

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    I think it's a combination Amy, some dogs coats do thicken up as winter sets in, plus the adult coat can start developing as they get closer to a year old. I've seen this especially in long haired dogs, their puppy coat is a nightmare to groom! You'll MAY find that as summer approaches she'll shed a little bit.

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    Texture certainly does change. Particularly in Cav coats, which are similar in some ways to my breed's coat (just much smaller! )

    Her adult coat should get longer silky fringes in place of puppy fluff. Fringing will come out in the places you have described, neck, the back of her front legs and trousers, as well as on her tail.

    I'd say that's what you're seeing. Adult coat, even in a cross, will usually sit flatter than puppy coat, 'cause so much puppy coat is fuzzy-wuzzy fluff.

    Winter will certainly speed it up - my puppy (just turned 1) seems to have more adult coat almost daily at the moment!

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