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    Talking Pet Odour

    Hi everyone,

    Have you feed your dog yet?
    We have a 1 and a half yr old beagle and we love him very much.
    Everytime I get home from work, I will be getting lovely greetings from him and of course follow by a wet lick...haha
    Well, apart from the greetings from him, I also got greeted by a strong flow of bad dog odour.
    I assume most dogs will give out some type of their own odour and I realise breeds like beagle or pugs have very stong odour, right? Have anyone got pet odour problem at home? Are there ways or how do you manage the odour situation. Love to hear from you guys. Have a wonderful time!


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    yep Pacino has very bad odor also. he is a rottweiler and no matter how well i bath him a few days later it will still be the same. i feel your pain. im taking him to get a hydo bath on Sunday, they told me that, that will maybe help a bit since it cleans a dog really well but they also told me that odors are just part of a dog, you cant really fix it. but i hope to hear everyones responses here too because it would also be helpful to me.


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    My small dogs tend to get whiffy after a few weeks without a bath, but they have hair that sheds. Their coats stay clean generally.

    Carl's coat is non-shedding and he swims almost every day in a creek but he never smells unless he eats a bone, and then it's only around the mouth. :crazy: He has a naturally pleasant smell, it's sort of earthy and musky.

    like a rolling thunder chasing the wind...

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    What are you feeding these smelly dogs?

    Sometimes a change in diet might help.

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    Mines having the eukanuba weight control type, dried food...think should be quite healthy and shouldnt give out smells...i think some dogs gives out odour, dont think can do anything to that...but now i use an air purifier that uses water to filter the air at home...pretty least the house smells more natural...dont really smell the dog odour in air now.

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    If your dog has flatulence-type smells then you can try lowering the protien in his diet.

    Some dogs do fart more than others, but diet can play a part. Some dried foods have additives like kelp and garlic which should help with smells. Adding raw grated carrot (a handful for a big breed so a tablespoon should do for a beagle) to his food can help with bad breath or farting as well.

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