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Thread: Please Help to Identify Her Breed

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    I got in touch with the person I bought her from... And I received some pics of her mum & dad which doesn't really make things easie

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    well it does explain her ears... lol.. same as dads... which is where the greyhound look comes from, obviously not greyhound... both parents are crosses... you will never know what breed your girl is... many years ago a friend of mine had a cross and no way we could work it out, so we made a name up... I think it was something like... Bulgarian Bear Hound.... it suited him anyway... how tall is she... I love her outline... very clean and elegant..

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    She is probably a mid size female rottweiler, just seems a lot slimer. But when she is on scales she has weighed 38Kgs at one stage. When she stands up her feet go on my shoulders. But thats only because she can stretch her body out like a snake. Also the person where I got it from tells me her mum's granny (so her great granny) was a pure great dane.


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    Definatly a liquorice allsort Great pics btw!
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