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Thread: Please Help to Identify Her Breed

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    I think you might be right there. I don't see staffy in her. She is larger than any staffy I have seen before. Maybe 4 times larger. I think There is some great dane in her but I have no idea what else is in her.

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    I had a thought of possibly a labrador x Kelpie. My sister in law had a dog of that breed a few years back and they look very similar
    *edited to say though, my SIL seemed to be broader in the chest/body but hers
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    Sure is an interesting looking dog. Does not look like it has any Staffy, Amstaff or APBT in it.

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    Miht be a rottie X dobe? you know 3 X's, rotty X dobe then back to dobe again?
    Google images on rott dobe X's have a simmilar structure.

    Only the breeder would know for certain of at least who the sire and dam are.
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    her mum looked exactly like her just larger and bigger head... 50 kg
    kinda great dane like

    dad wasn't on display
    she was advertised as mastiff great dane mix...

    but she is only around 35 kgs and i see no mastiff in her

    other pups in the litter were brindle light colour not the dark brindle

    here another pic of her

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    Might also just be a mixed bag of lollies, once people go out past an f1 cross into other breeds they tend to be hard to keep track of.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    that is the case most likely. mum was a multi generation cross and so was the dad. so its looking for a needle in the haystack : ))

    at the end of the day she is great so doesnt really matter what she is...

    i just find her a very unique looking dog.

    sometimes i think she is some kind of pointer

    other times i see a lot of great dane in her

    other times her face looks a bit like a lab

    when she was 9 weeks old everyone thought she was an AM STAFF

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    Mixed bag of lollies; love it. Now instead of trying to politely say some ones dog is a mutt or a heinz variety I'm now going to use the term Mixed Bag of Lollies.

    I've had a couple of mutts in my life over the years and have never had a problem calling them that, but people seem a bit more touchy about it now.

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    As a littlee, our family dog was a GSD/ German Short Haired Pointer mix, and for all intents and purposes she looked just like a black lab, but your pooch and Sheba have exactly the same face... so may some GSHP, or Weimeraner? And the muscaluture in the hinds sort of looks to me like maybe a Mastiff of some sort, or even Ridgeback? Especially with the iron rod tail! That must hurt when it gets going!

    But whatever mixed lolly she turns out to be, she is gorgeous!

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    Hahaha. Luckily she isn't a big tail wagger. The bulldog seems to produce more pain with his tail. : ))

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