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Thread: Funny, Unusual or Just Plain Weird?

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    banjo loves getting a toy or a ball on a rope in his mouth and thrashing his head wildley silde to side so it wacks his body quite hard lol. While he does it he does this weird cry/growl thing.. and sometimes if he does it inside he will lose his balance on the floorboard and bang into a cupboard or just fall down lol.
    Also whenever a dog is barking on the telly banj HAS to bark lol. Its gotten to the point where I cant watch ceaser unless banj is out the back playing.
    Oh he does 'zoomies' as well... runs so fast around the backyard in a figure 8 always meeting a toy in the middle lol. We count sometimes how many he does- sometimes he does like 7 in a row.. then just walks over and jumps on my lap all tired.

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    Rosie does zoomies too!

    We call it "cutting the snake" because she races around like a snake with it's head cut off! She will go absolutely mental for about 5 minutes, running flat out around and around the perimeter of the yard like a loon, then just stop, look at you as if to say "well, what are you looking at?" and just trot off inside like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth (and then proceed to sleep very coundly for the next 2 hours!!)

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    My horse Wiley does the same as Romeo. When he's finished he'll shake the bucket and I'll say 'thankyou' and he'll throw it. Hahah.
    My cat whickers stand on his back legs, looking out the glass door and scratch(without claws) the door like he's digging a hole.
    Roly howls when people play the piano, and Lady barks when she hears the phone ring or a timer go off.
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