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    Dad Whippet is such a mother hen. He is the one that spends the most amount of time with his puppies, tolerates their need to sit on him, they play and wrestle over the top of him, they pull at him, bite his ears etc, the only time he objects is when they think the family jewels might be fun to bite - ouch.

    I've just been watching him wash their faces after they ate cold chicken necks and are snuggled into him in the box in the kitchen for warmth. Whippets layer on top of each other and this three excel at it. The older girls will lay with him also but avoid the puppies until they are worn out and tired.

    So far he's only been used at stud once but it hasn't changed his loving personality. The Kelpies had little time for their babies.

    What have others experience been with their entire male dogs and puppies.

    Natty are your Borzoi loving dads? And what of the Tibbies?

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    Oh my tibby boy loved his babies
    I mean he loved all babies but his babies!... If he could have gotten away with it he would have been with them from the moment they were born! If you gave him a puppy he would have melted into a puddle on the floor. He was such a sweety
    My other boy gets all excited about them running around and loves to play with them, but he is not a loving as Hero was

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    Whenever mum had a litter she always kept the pups and the mother separated from the other dogs.

    Their house is pretty well perfectly designed for it though, there are 3 separate yard areas so the pups and mum got the whole side yard to themselves when they were old enough for outdoor play sessions.

    Not a litter I've bred but with the new puppy I got my female poodle mothers him and my male poodle just plays. Both older dogs are desexed though.

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    Aww MAC, that's my boy! The whippet and 2 IG's I am boarding do the whole layering trick...sometimes I am the fourth layer!

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