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Thread: How Do You Exercise Your Dog?

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    Default How Do You Exercise Your Dog?

    Everyone exercises their dog differently depending on lifestyle/breed choice/work schedules... I recently bought a pair of rollerblades and decided to give combining it with walking the dogs a go, and voila, it worked pretty well! Of course it'll be a constant challenge not to accidentally run over the Min Pin's little paws because she's always underneath me...

    I've seen a few other people exercise their dog with rollerblades, or as they ride a bike. Which got me thinking, how do you keep your dog(s) exercised? Walking, running, flyball, agility? For how long, and how many days a week?

    I mix it up with my two. They get exercised 1.5 hours a day (sometimes broken up into a half hour in the morning, then an hour at night or vice versa), on weekends and my days off it usually goes beyond 2 hours. Carl is a water baby so he swims 4-5 times a week at the local creek and does a lot of zoomies in the sand after. Luckily the beach is a two min walk from a off-leash dog oval. I like to walk them for 20-30 mins right before bed as well to take the edge off. They are walked every day unless it's raining or storming, but even then the rain has to be torrential, in which case we play fetch in the house!

    I've tried jogging with them before, too, but neither of them could keep up. Short legs.
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    I exercise mine nowhere near as often as I should.

    Both my poodles have gotten a little thick around the middle so we plan of walking them every second day for a big walk around our neighborhood.

    Once a week they get a run for an hour off-leash at the local dog park.

    We play fetch and chasies for about an hour a day in the backyard too, but it is pretty small.

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    We have about a 1/2 acre fenced back yard and are in the process of doing the same to the front.

    Each morning they go for an almost 3km walk which settles them down for the day (excluding puppies). Then in the afternoon it's a brief walk which includes training for about 15-20mins.

    Then I pick one or two that go for the car ride to and from school.

    Of a weekend they normally don't get much of a walk, but they are either at shows, training or home trailing around after us.

    Whippets aren't endurance animals, although quite capable of it, it's more important they get to stretch their legs and have a good zoom which our back yard can give them.

    Your little Min Pin must be very fit.
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    Most of our digs have the run of 160 acrs so they pretty much exercise themselves
    I take Sam, my bc, on a run/walk once a day and give him a run aound my sudo-agility course, and ob training.
    The pend dogs get to come for a run down the paddock... the poodles and Sam love swimming in the dam!! me?? not so much

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    Of course it'll be a constant challenge not to accidentally run over the Min Pin's little paws because she's always underneath me
    banjo is always under my feet when walking! drives me crazy! he has been trodden on accidently a few times. I try and make him walk beside me but he just slowly ends up back under my feet.
    Banjo gets a 30-40 minute walk every day and every time we go outside his toys get chucked around for him to chase. The yard is quite big for his little size. Sometimes he does sprint laps of the yard by himself lol

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    I just open my front door and off they go!

    ....they have 3 fenced acres to run around on!

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    we do a 2km bushwalk every morning- there are 3 different fire trails so we mix the routes up a bit to keep it interesting.

    Then some sort of outing during the day (to school/train station etc etc) and then another walk in the evening- anywhere from around the block to another 2-3km walk depending on what else is happening.

    Walking a 1 eyed beagle has been really challenging. Obsessed with smelling EVERYTHING, difficult to get any walking rythem going. I now let him sniff and take his time the first 10 min and then we are off! no more mucking around and just keep walking. No off leash at all at the moment until he has better recall and wont be overwhelmed by a beautiful sweet scent he HAS to follow....

    We are surrounded by BIG dogs in backyards that bark non stop and are never seen- I swear they have gone insane from lack of stimulation and by being constantly alone in their backyard "jail".

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    Mine get most of their exercise on weekends - OH and I usually take them to a dog park or forestry reserve for some off-leash exercise. I pay a 13-year old to walk them for me a few days a week.

    If I feel like they're not getting enough walks I'll spend half an hour throwing the ball in the back yard - Marnie is my fetcher but Pedro will sometimes run in and play 'keepings-off' with the ball while Marnie and I chase him round the yard, which is exercise for all of us!

    Also they have a reasonably-sized yard and I think they usually keep each other busy while I'm at work. I think Marnie would get into flyball but pretty sure there are no clubs in Tas at present.

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    Keeda and I run and cycle together, we also just go for general walks at the local park and go on longer trail walks at the nearby regional park. She also runs around and plays with my boyfriend's family's dog on a regular basis. I've also been teaching her more physical commands (like jumping over my arm, which she knows but we're just perfecting it, crawling under a bar or my arm, and hopefully I'll teach her to jump through tires and weave poles soon enough)

    Edit: Oh also, Keeda gets a bath once a week and after she's tolerated that horrible affair she gets plenty of exercise running around like a complete nutcase, rolling, and rubbing her face and neck into the grass in the yard afterwards :P)
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    It depends. Sometimes it's throwing her ball or tyre (one of those little tyres) in the backyard. Sometimes it's throwing it out of our 2nd storey window into the yard, she runs and gets it, then I throw it again (it's challenging because she doesn't see where it lands so has to find it, plus running up and down the stairs). We walk down to the local park 3-4 times a week and throw her ball for her there. When hubby takes her he jogs with her.

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