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Thread: Is There Something Wrong with Lex..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hyacinth View Post
    My brother's first dog used to be so protective of the back of the ute that he warned me not to put my hand in. Except I made sure I greeted her (the dog) properly first and all was fine, but I'm pretty sure if I'd surprised her she would have ripped me bloody arm off.

    I think there might be something wrong with your brother in law to do such a stupid thing. It depends how tolerant you want Lex to be of idiots whether you try to accustomise him to that kind of behaviour. A lot of people like their ute riding dogs to be protective of the ute and contents. Depends what you want.

    Personally I trust my dog a lot when it comes to which people are ok and which are not.

    Also yelling at your dog for yelling at a kid in the pram - may make things worse. Ie the dog may see what you're doing as encouragement by way of joining in. Is better to introduce your dog to the kid in the pram with lots of treats. Or remove dog from all sources of attention for a while. Attention by way of scolding the dog is often seen by the dog as encouragement. However - if you scolded the pram and beat it with a newspaper (take kid out first), in front of Lex, there is a chance he will stay away from that bad dog there.
    I just got a hilarious image in my head- Kid and Lex looking at you strangely while you yell and jump up and down whacking a pram with your newspaper in a cafe...

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    mum used the technique successfully on pot plants and vege patches she didn't want disturbed. I've used it on a bedroom.

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    Hmmmm....if I beat the s**t out of Marnie with a newspaper, will Pedro leave her alone??

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    Totally, hysterically PMSL @ Hy.

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    LOL, I don't think that would work for my crew, they would probably join in on the bashing

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