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Thread: Identify This Dog

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    Cute dog, I have thought of a nova Scotia duck tolling as a breed but I knew this would be a bitsa dog, I just couldn't pin pint the breeds I did contact the site to see if the organisation knew anything but alas I have not received a response. My curiosity has been satisfied though and I can safely say I will not find what I am looking for.

    Anyone own a nova Scotia? I have been doing a lot of research about this breed and would like to know if this dog sheds a lot of its fur\hair?

    Thanks everyone for helping out a novice it is much appreciated.

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    Yep Tollers shed.

    Nice medium sized dog, that likes the water, coat is a bit easier to care for than a BC.

    Intelligent dog that requires training, stimulation etc or can get destructive, like most dogs. Some are busier than others.

    Friend who had Labs for years got a Toller but will be going back to a Lab as her next dog.

    The Toller clubs are very good in Australia regarding rescues etc.

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    In terms of dogs - I, too, wouldn't buy a dog if its looks didn't appeal to me. But if I were to rescue a dog off the streets or something I wouldn't care.

    In terms of men - physical attraction means a lot. The first thing we notice about someone when we first see them is their physical appearance and/or body language as we probably don't have a clue about their personality unless something they're doing physically is giving us clues. Personality matters a lot, but that initial thing that makes me want to talk to a guy if I'm single is all in the looks and body language. Bradley Cooper or Ryan Reynolds plz :P

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    Mmmmm Ryan Reynolds

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crested_Love View Post
    Mmmmm Ryan Reynolds
    And look! He's a dog lover!

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    Yep... that's it... it's love!

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    Oh I'm looking forward to seeing the direction THIS thread takes! PMSL!!!
    LOL.. If I ever see a Gerard Butler type at the pound I am taking him home!!!

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