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Thanks for all that input.

Sadly neither of these guys are with foster carers at the moment.

I believe the Staffy Rescue guys are very involved with the dogs they rescue but we haven't been there yet so I can't say.

I will check with my local council here in Sydney to see if there will be an issue but there seems to be lots of staffy Xs around locally. I hadn't thought about it as an issue before.

I would love the staffy, I'm just worried that he is that much bigger and therefore that much more of a handful. I guess I just have to run the legs of him (in a nice way of course) so he feels like sleeping when we aren't home.

Thank you very much for all your thoughtful comments.



Hi J1M

Yes SR are very involved with the dogs in there care.... if your looking at adopting a SBT then i recommend you visit SR, new dogs are going into SR everyday, so the choice is endless.

SR rarely place their dogs with foster carer's (with the exception of whelping bitches & their puppies)

I can't see why there would be an issue of registering a SBT x with NSW local councils, just as long as your dog is microchipped & de-sexed ( in which most ethical rescue groups will either have the dog microchipped & de-sexed anyway before they place up them for adoption or upon or during adoption process.)