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Thread: Big V Small They All Have the Same Right!!!!

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    At an off leash park that's fine as long as the dogs are trained and sociable, but I don't go to them because Miley has shown lead aggression and I am training her. This woman keeps making things difficult.

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    I wonder if your dog is aggressive why she keeps letting hers off leash around it? Seems like stupid behaviour. Have you explained the situation to her?

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    I remember years ago when this lady would always follow my dogs around the park, mine were not aggressive but one of them really didn't like over the top dogs in her face.

    I'd walk in one direction, but she would always follow us, we'd change direction, but still she'd follow us (it was a huge oval plenty of room for a couple of groups of dogs, she kept saying her dog (large young GSD) was friendly, I kept trying to explain to her that that's great, but one of mine didn't like big dogs over the top of her.

    Found out years later the ladies English was rather limited. She is now the lady that is friends with my mum but with a different dog, and low and behold he's a dog that while not aggressive doesn't appreciate young exuberant dogs in his face.

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    Ive also has issues with people and there small dogs, even OH's SBT isnt alllowed to play with lex because he thinks Lex will "eat" his SBT..

    I can understand peoples reasoning tho, they see a large breed dog and are intimidated by its size, they dont know the temprement of my dog so there just taking precautions, to which im fine with..

    On the other hand, im nervous about having Lex around smaller breeds basically because Lex will play with any dog like its his size, ive learnt from this wen he used to play with my OH's jack russels when he was a puppy and he hurt one of there foots..

    I really want lex to have a little play date with my OH's sisters chiuaua..
    I dont think she will ever agree tho.. sigh kodal moments for sure!!!!

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    A little OT but while I had sam out doing his public access training I kept getting idiot people who would not listen coming up to pat him. I kept saying "I am sorry he is working", a group of school girls even came straight from Gabby after being told no to me and then got the S*i*s when I said no aswell saying I was a horrid person because sam clearly wanted a pat!
    But anywho where I was going with this was that I ran into other dogs, with there people, who were alowed to just run up to him! This is an overly enthusiastic Border Collie who, while mostly corrected now, had agression issues! I mean they wouldnt be able to tell that by just looking at him but even while I was trying to calm sam down, because he is not allowed to act like that when he is working, and with me trying to explain this to those people, they CONTINUED to allow their dogs to jump around sam like idiots! One of them was clearly not even friendly! It flew at sam and tried to rip his ear off! I am very glad that a)sam did not react with ANY aggression, and b) it was only a SWF so it did not do any real harm. I must admit that I got rather pissed and told the dolt to control their little terror and stormed off before something else could go wrong, but the idiot didnt even see anything wrong with what their dog was doing! She thought it was playing!
    I do not understand these people. I fully understand the limitations of my dog, I know how much control I have over them and I know how far i can push them into any situaltion. There is NO WAY I would let my dogs incrouch like that on anyones space, not to mention pushing my dog into a sistuation where it felt it had to ract in that way!
    I just dont get it!

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