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Thread: BYE !!! Thanks for Everything!

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    No good PEPSI

    If I left a site every time I argued with someone I wouldn't be allowed on the internet at all
    Don't worry so much, like MAC said, just give yourself a few days break from the site and you might change your mind

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    Sorry to hear that your receiving not so nice pm's & that wanting to leave the forum

    Maybe a few days "time out" might be a good idea. I know it's hard not to be upset over someone's verbal text abuse etc, but really are they not worth it. Please try not to let the verbal text abuse get to you. Hold your head high & tell them to go to hell.
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    Im am sorry to hear that people have been harrasing you
    Please think on what MAC has said, I for one enjoy you input.

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    Don't go Pepsi! Pleeeeeeease!

    Just ignore the stuff you don't like, I'm sorry that you've been made to feel this way.

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    Pepsi(Cass), please don't go! I have enjoyed your posts and it isn't fair that you feel that you should be forced out of here!
    I have received rateings such as "Your annoying", but I put that down to one silly little girl who can't handle the norm.
    Have a few days away from here and then pop back in and see how you go!

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    Woah, what is going on here?

    Pepsi, if you have received any private messages, public messages that in any way violate policy, you do realise you can push the report button on them all???

    Most happy to talk to you. You are a valuable member and this is not pleasing -at all.
    Please feel free to Pm or e-mail me.

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    I hope you have a couple of days away and reconsider Pepsi.

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