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    A friend of OH, lovely guy, got a puppy about 3 weeks ago. His house is fully fenced and the yard is secure BUT it backs onto a walkway.

    About a week later the puppy was gone. He assumes taken from him yard.

    I was looking at the local pound list last night and saw that there was a dog (it didnt specify dog or puppy) impounded that was picked up in this friends suburb in the same week the pup was presumably stolen.

    It is the same colour and breed too.

    The date it was impounded was the 21/4/10.

    We called our friend to let him know and even gave him the reference number and phone number to call. I'm not sure why he didnt call the pound before now.

    But whats the chance of the pup still being there???

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    I think you get about 7 days maybe. Depends on the council.

    It's possible it gets transferred to a shelter for rehoming after that.

    If it was registered with the council and microchipped they would have made some effort to contact the owner to take the dog back.

    Not sure what is going on with OH's friend if he didn't get the dog microchipped and registered or call the pound every day the dog was missing, or ideally show up at least every four days.

    If the dog is not registered or microchipped, its life may be much shorter. Again - depends on the council.

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    It really depends on where you live.

    I know here dogs are only held for a week before either having the green dream or being put up for adoption. Other places wait longer.

    Depending what sort of puppy it was would greatly affect whether or not it was even put up for adoption, and whether or not it has already been adopted, or still sitting in the pound.

    The pup might not have been stolen, if there aren't any gaps in the fence then the other option is an idiot just letting it out. I know some people seem to get a kick out of letting people dogs out of their yards... probably after getting on the turps (or had too many brain cells killed by getting on the turps)

    Let us know what the outcome was when he does eventually call them

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    ^ that's why we have a padlock on our gate. Too many idiots about.

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    It happened to a friend of mine and their Husky.

    We aren't sure if whoever it was opened the gate with the intention of breaking into the house/shed but ran off when they saw the dog, or they just let him out (he does howl a lot and probably drives the neighbors mad)
    Luckily my MIL's boyfriend lives just down the road, spotted him on the street and caught him.

    I know this is a bit off-topic but I was in the vets yesterday and saw a notice that all 'dangerous breeds' must be microchipped as of July 1st... is this just in Tas or is that a law anywhere else?

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    Crested, just in tas. New updates have been made which take effect as of 1st July 2010. There is a link to their website that will give you the low down on the updates.

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    Aww I hope he is still there. Being a young puppy he may have been adopted out already... i wonder what would happen in these circumstances?

    Please let us know what the outcome it.

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