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    Hi All,

    Early last year, my brother’s belovered dog was hit by a car and it was thought that he wouldn’t survive. As I’m sure you can all appreciate and relate, this dog is Grant’s child so he made the decision to rehabilitate him after the accident and not put him to sleep as he was only 4 years old.
    My brother’s girlfriend is a dressage judge, instructor and rider and gave up riding when “Axel” had his accident so they could concentrate on his rehab.
    Every week since then, Axel had attended physio twice a week and hydrotherapy once per week without fail and been on around the clock care whilst Grant still runs his business.
    Axel has come so far in this time and he can now stand and take small steps and this Sunday he will be taking part in the RSPCA fund raiser “Walk for Paws” using his cart which was specially made for him.
    I’m asking people to please read the story and if possible donate some money to help Axel, help other animals through the RSPCA.

    I would love to see Grant and Axel meet their target for the RSPCA, as I have never met someone more dedicated to their “fur” child than Grant.

    Link to donation site:
    Everyday Hero: RSPCA Million Paws Walk NSW


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    good luck!

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    Good luck, some of us are also doing the walk. Why not post an intro?
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    sorry- intro would have been good!

    I have 2 dogs, a pure-bred staffordshire bull terrier, Zeuss and a Jack Russell, Ella. Ella isn't actually mine, I was just dog sitting her for six weeks but that was 2 years ago now! I think she likes her home here
    I had a female staffy, Ellie but she past away last year of old age . It was a devestating time.
    I love dogs, well animals in general so I'm sure I've come to the right place!!

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