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Thread: Dogaholics Anomymous

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    I got 7, not being into showing I have no idea about titles, and why do I need to get up before dawn when I have my own dog park here?

    Yep, I'm definitely in good company!

    In My Home Dog Minding

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    love it!

    I am a Dog - O - holic

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    - Can you say "bitch" in public without blushing?

    - Do you drive a station wagon, van or 4x4 when everyone else drives a real car?

    - If you go overseas, is it to London in March to attend Crufts.
    Not that into pretty dog shows, but might go somewhere to look at agility or herding in action.

    - Do you discuss things at the dinner table that would make most doctors leave in disgust?
    Difficult - grew up in a family of doctors and nurses. But I've been banned from discussing my fur kid, which I feel free to break the minute anyone else discusses a skin kiddie.

    - Do you consider formal wear to be clean jeans and freshly washed tennis shoes? yes - who calls them tennis shoes?

    - Was your furniture and carpeting chosen to suit a dog household? - kind of. Have removed anything the dog eats. Like the persian hall runners.

    - Are your end tables really dog crates with tablecloths thrown over them? Why bother when the whole house is the dog crate. The travel crate isn't hidden either.

    - Do you know the meaning of titles such as CD, CDX, UD CGC, AD, ADX, CH? Yes

    - Do you get up before dawn to go to training classes? Dog Shows? Seminar? Walk the Dog? yes

    - Do all your pockets contain freeze dried liver, BBQ chicken or squeaky toys and plastic bags? yes

    - When you meet a new person do you always ask them what kind of dog they have and pity them if they don't have one? well usually I can see what kind of dog they have when I meet them.

    - Do you remember the name of their dog sooner than you remember their name? yes and it's the same for them.

    And I'm not interested in the 12 step program. Sigh.

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